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UK sources of information and / or support

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Patient UK

Has information leaflets on Cough Caused by a Virus and Coughs and Colds in Children.

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[url=] Respiratory Tract Infections [/url]

A patient guide to complement the NICE national guideline for health professionals called Respiratory Tract Infections

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Coughs, Colds, Flu, Fever, Sore Throat and Antibiotics

Written and produced by Developing Patient Partnerships.

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Information from NHS Choices - the government's patient information portal.

Further sources / more detailed information

Some non-UK sites

The following list popular non-UK health information sites with content aimed at the general public. They are mainly from the US. They have not been checked to see if information about the above topic is included but these large sites are comprehensive.

More detailed medical information

The following list online sources of more detailed medical information, mainly from the UK. These sites are mainly aimed at health professionals, but are of interest to all. They have not been checked to see if information about the above topic is included, but information about most medical topics can usually be found.

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