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A message to cheer people up and give new users hope.

I've been on flu since early jan.. I attempted suicide about a week before I started. I had been depressed for years. Literal years, and I'm only 18! I've been going to counselling once a week roughly (i've missed some weeks) and about a month and a half into my course I increased my dose from 20mg to 40mg.

This has helped me change my life. I have never felt happier and more content with myself.

Before I really couldn't see that my life was worth something, and was just obsessed with getting fucked, eg. drinking, drugs whatever I could do to just forget about being sad constantly and about my past/dad. I could hardly spend an hour on my own without bursting into tears about numerous things. Everything came to a head and I took 20 paracetamol just after new year. My relationships suffered all round, and I had to drop out of university. I was lazy, no motivation, all I used to do was stay up all night and cry myself to sleep eventually in the early hours of the morning.

I used to dread being on my own, and made sure I constantly had a boyfriend because of this. Now I actually look forward to having a nice night in alone, washing my hair, doing girly things.

Now, I cannot stress enough, how different I feel. I've never felt this good and in control in my life.

I've now got two jobs- one waitressing, one working for my mum's boyfriend. I've got a new puppy (that has helped so very much would recommend a pet to anyone, great for not feeling so alone!). I've booked a holiday to Ibiza for a month soon with two of my friends.. and I'm going back to university in september.

To everyone who's feeling lost and worried about things, I hope this message and just how much I have changed (there are old posts from me on here somewhere that show just how far I have come) convinces you to keep going and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You WILL get better.

Good luck to everyone.. and remember the sun will be out more and more so keep smiling all through the next few summer months


p.s. It's also made me lose about a stone in weight! :D

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  • juppster

    Hey Lubear

    What a fantastic story....i am so pleased that things have turned round so well for should be very proud of what you have achieved.

    Thank you for sharing such a positive story....hopefully it will give others on here hope and comfort that things will get better.

    Take care of yourself and i hope things continue to get better and better xx :wink:

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  • Guest

    Hey Lubear!

    Great! Well done! It's really nice to hear when people start to feel better and it's all in your story. I'm so happy for you and I hope we hear more stories like yours to keep us all perservering.


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  • psychochief

    hiya lubear :rainbow:

    brilliant, nice one, wooooooooooooooooooot :mrgreen: :ok:

    thanks for posting such a great story, i think what fluoxetine has helped you to do is re-take CONTROL of your life again, this illness doesn't just effect 'grumpy old men/women' like me, it's totally indiscriminate and devastates BOTH young and old alike, be carefull tho, dont expect/do TOO much, you are still recovering from a VERY serious PHYSICAL illness, take your time to a full recovery, great stuff !!!!!! :wink: :cheers:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rainbow: :rose:

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  • Guest

    Your words have given me so much hope. I have been started on fluoxetine today, my first ever experience of an anti-depressant. I am so worried about it, but the thought that my mood could improve like yours has calmed me down. Thanks

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  • NewMummy

    Just thought i may add to happiness here! Your story is great, similar to mine and i am thrilled for you. I am 23 and was diagnosed with depression when i was 13! but didnt go on medication un til i was 18, tried venlefaxine and citalopram with horrible side effects. Then had a year off, about 3 months into my pregnancy i was diagnosed with ante-natal depression (horrible, horrible thing) i hated myself and even worse i hated my unborn baby. Was put on Fluoxetine, and within a few weeks life was worth living again! I have no side effects and its the first thing to ever make me feel like 'me' again! I now have a 4 month old son and am loving every day. I made the decision to come off Fluoxetine about 2 weeks ago...hasnt been great but not terrible, not so muc feeling upset but angry! I seem to snap at my partner for tiny little things (poor him!) but is getting better and am praying that i am now 'fixed' if not, i wont hessitate to take them again.

    If you dont think its working - KEEP GOING TO YOUR DOCTOR!!! Its their job to help you, if they brush it off, keep pushing for help (it wasnt until i had a full on screaming hysterical panic attack that mine did something!)

    Good luck to everyone xxxx

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  • LellyM

    Hi all.

    Would just like to add my 2 \"pennorth\". It is fabulous to hear good news. We can all make it to the otherside of this dreadful condition.

    We are NOT mad/crazy/hormonal/premenstrual (or anything else said to us) we have a problem that can be addressed and we have all taken the 1st step to a cure - asked for help.

    Keep smiling everyone.

    Lelly xx

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  • SamB

    Lubear and newmummy

    So great to hear two great success stories. They really made me smile. I needed that.

    Question for you newnummy, i've been on flu for 13 months now and have been coming off them slowly (since xmas), cutting out days, i'm now taking one every 5 days. Thinking of stopping them altogether \"now\". Scared stiff, how did you come off them and how did it make you actually feel. Not sure whether i should see my doc about stopping them completely or just do it.

    Lubear, where in ibiza are you going? That will be one hell of a good holiday. I went when i was 18, 21 and 30. Feel old now!! :lol:

    Hope you're both having a good day and everyone else

    Take care

    SamB x

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  • NewMummy

    Hi SamB,

    to be honest i didnt really decide to come off them, just started to forget and doses became more and more infrequent. after realising that i must have missed at least 5 days (and with previous antidepressants i would have been having bad side effects) i just decided that maybe it was time to 'go it alone'

    it might be an idea to see your GP, i suppose it all depends on whether you've been having side effects while taking the pills, luckily i didnt and am feeling ok (most of the time!)

    Hope this helps and good luck,

    Lucy x

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  • SamB

    Hi Lucy

    Thanks for that. I'm due to take a tablet tomorrow but may leave it another day then it'll be 6, so taking one a week near enough. I've decided i'm going to go to the docs next week, need to arrange a thyroid blood test anyway, i can never be bothered to go but i will. I'll see what she says, she'll probably say to stop it and see how i get on. I've been okay, been feeling normal for about 2 months now and thats been whilst cutting down. I so want to get off these AD's.

    Hope you're having a good day. Hope the sun is shining where you are

    Sam x

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