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Elbow Problems

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  • bob22659 1

    Skateboard injury

    59 fell off my skateboard about the days ago, proximal unnar chip fracture and radial head smashed a bit, not displaced , sore as heck, hard to use fingers, still at the plaster splint stage, had that changed today, elbow looked swollen and weird deformed from swelling, can't even use fingers to

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  • krissmiss89 1

    Pain in arm

    Hi I'm new to the site. Hoping to fined some kind of answers. For almost a year now I have been having pain in my arm. It started in my wrist where I would have pain and swelling. I went to a doctor to have tests done. They did a emg but test didn't show anything. Just said I have inflammation and

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  • ismat99095 1

    Olecranon Bursitis

    I spooler on the floor and injured my right arm elbow and now I have had Olecranon Bursitis for almost nine months. After an ultrasound and x-ray ,my doctor told me that in addition to the OB I have the Lievremont a little big protruding and that it needs to be filed during the OB removal surgery

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