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  • Woo3353 3

    Side effects

    I've been taking 20mg flouextine for 22 days. Although it has made me a lot better and after initial side effects which were horrendous. I am getting muscle aches in my legs & slight wind pain in my stomach. Does anyone else get this and is it normal to get this after 3 weeks taking It? Thanx

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  • paul58614 1

    need a friend

    hi jusy found this group been in the pit 6 months now meds not working. docs today started me on prozac and reading on here i got some scarey times can only trully empaphise when your in the pit of depression there any lady in the essex area of the uk who wants to meet to

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  • tara45859 1

    memory problems on fluxatine

    After my 3rd attempt on fluxatine ive stuck it out as tried them twice before but by the 5th day started to feel really sick and dizzy also sufferd severe this is my 3rd try im on week 5 and must say im not as depressed and ive started cooking and eating again which is a good sign

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