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  • Dancer64 2

    CyPass stent

    My Dr has recommended me to have CyPass stent inserted at the time of my cataract surgery to lower high ocular pressure.  This stent was recently approved by FDA & Medicare is scheduled to approve it in January.  Has anyone had this procedure during clinical trials or possibly after.  Or has your

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  • iqbal 81981 2


    Since about a year back when I was diagnosed early Glaucoma, I have use 5 different eye drops Co-Dorzal (dorzolamide 2%+Timolol 0.5%). It worked well by bringing down the IOP from 23 each eye to 12 each eye. However it decreased my heart rate to 50. Thus stopped. After this Betaxolol which did not

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  • amy68114 1

    Glaucoma and pregnancey HELP!

    I am 12 weeks and only saw eye doc today. I am type 1 diabetic and have been consontration on getting my levels down. I didn't think the eye drops I take could effect my baby. I take a number of drops for my glaucoma and maxidex for iritis. Have I cause damage to my baby? Doctor says I need to

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