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Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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  • ParadiseCityGR 1

    Foot numbness

    Helo! Just joined here wanting to ask a question. I got a foot numbness for 3-4 days now. It starts from a bit below and front from the ankle going forward. The picture shows approx where it is. Could be smaller or bigger than the circle I've drawn. What could it be? It's not completely numb. It's

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  • vikki93740 2

    hmm in adults

    My daughter picked this up from the childminders at the beginning of the week but bounced back after 2 days. I had a sore throat on weds eve & all day yesterday then my fingertips got sore. Woken today with red dots in my mouth, angry tonsils with white lumps on them blisters under the skin on my

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  • carol26683 2

    6 months after HFM

    Experienced all the symptoms and severe. Now 6 months later I still have tingling and pain in my fingers, especially when my hands are in hot dishes etc. Did not have this sensation before HFM. Just learned from international news that a person with a different kind virus (not HFM),...

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