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  • Deia 2


    Hi! I am here I was diagnosed as hyperthyroidism in December 2014 and I have been on Methimazole since then. First with 20 mg/day until my levels were ok than we lower it little by little according with my lab tests until I was in 10 mg/day and I got hyper again in April (TSH 0.01) this

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  • imran 20678 2


    can someone tell me what is the maintiance dose of neomarcazole 5mg. i have hyperthyroidism and i took neomarcazole 5mg 2 tabled bd and then my TSH and free T4 tblood test become normal and i decrease dose to one tablet of neomarcazole 5mg  on altnernate day . but now my TSH again increase with

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  • lou0000 2

    3 days post hemithyroidectory

    I had a hemithyroidectory 3 days ago because I had a thy3 lump which needed to be removed. I was offered a total thyroidectomy. I chose to keep the other part of my thyroid because although I have graves disease (only discovered a few months ago) I feel I haven't given my thyroid a chance and

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