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  • h9000 3


    Thought I should post on here as there are not many posts about Lofepramine and people may come searching for insight. I will post again in the weeks ahead on this same thread to give an update.  I was taking Mirtazipine for 3 months and switched to Lofepramine on GP advice as Mirtazipine made

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  • Nathan71 2

    Feeling Unsure!

    Was put on 70mg of Lofepramine initially for a week and now starting 2x70mg Lofepramine at night. I also take 2x50mg Quetiapine and 2x30mg Nefopam three times a day and wonder what I can expect. i have Zoplicone 7.5mg that I can take to help me sleep. Can anyone advise me on what I can expect. I

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  • sue15 2

    day 3 lofepramine

    :? just started taking 70 mg at nite for one week then my doctor has told me to take 70 mg in the mornings so it will be 140 mg im feeling dizzyness not sleeping well waking up 4am in the mornings not been able to go back off to sleep. sweating in the nite just at my wits end does the side affects go?...

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