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  • cheydon 1

    Throat tightness, clicking, discomfort

    I am a 29 year old male going through some issues but have not found any reliefanywhere. It all started with a clicking in my throat and a sore stomach that lasted about a month, maybe 2 years ago. I have extremely tight and discomforting throat sensations. I am ALWAYS fatigue, been having achy

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  • leep6 2

    Underarm tightness

    I am a 26 yr old male. I've been feeling some tightness under my right armpit. When theres tightness, the arm isn't completely numb but feels kind of heavy. The tightness kind of goes around towards the back too. Tightness last around an hr or so then goes away. Anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance.

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  • pamrn 1


    Ok here goes the mystery about a month ago I suddenly developed a swollen lymph node under my right jaw. It hurt to bite down the pain went into ear. But no earache. It was worse in the morning and wakes me up. I have seen doctors. My blood work was normal. I was tested for strep, and mono. I have

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