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    your insomnia

    I'm guessing you've tried the usual suspects, zopiclone, temazepam etc etc When my insomnia got so bad I couldn't even function any more, my psychiatrist tried me on a low dose of olanzapine. It did help me. It is also a pig to get off There are no easy solutions I'm afraid. CBT did

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    pale stool / digestion changes

    Ive been takeing mirtazapine for about 4 months now, have always felt bloated and over weight since i started them. One serious side effect that has not listed on any forums is that after stepping up to 30mg my liver stopped producing bile causing pale stools and lower bowel discomforts. Now

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    it works for me

    Id just like to say mirtazapine has been a wonder drug for me. I couldnt sleep whcih made me anxious .I realised it was all stemming from an underlying unhappiness or lack of satisfaction with my life. As soon as i took it I got 8 hrs and sometimes more.I felt rested but slightly lethargic Or is

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