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  • Lobogris 1


    Forgive me, the new boy, for proposing that Mirtazapine has proved a crock of s**t for me. Severe anxiety, weight gain, tender skin, aching joints, passing out. I* dropped Trazodone to start Mirt, and would strongly suggest that Traz (which gave me NO side-effects AND helped me sleep soundly for

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  • Guest M


    I am at the moment on 60mg seroxat, I was on 40mg a few years back and it did wonders for me. I came off for 10 month and after a few upsets in my life, went back to my doctor and told him the feelings where coming back. Wheather i could of coped with them without meds I will never know. He

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  • Guest M

    mirtazapine to sertraline etc

    Hi Everyone, i wrote under 'scary' last time regards 'Mirt). Went back to to my Doctor. and after checking me out with blood pressure 160 - my anxiety attacks. he has put me on Mylan Sertraline one every evening. Also given me some tablets to take when I get anxious max 3 per day. Lysanxia I

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