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Join group Also known as Dexketoprofen, Diclofenac, Etodolac, Etoricoxib, Flurbiprofen, Ibuprofen, Indometacin, Ketoprofen, Mefenamic acid, Meloxicam, Naproxen, Piroxicam

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    i am on 8 mg steriods ,been on Sulphasalazin now stopped as did not feel good and mouth ulcers also naproxen i stopped yesterday ,as recent been told have a Inflammatory bowel disease also inflammatory arthritis. i have had stomach ache a couple days yesterday runs and i feel week .can coming of

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  • Kmillie 1

    Naproxen and eyebrow loss

    I started on Naproxen 250mg twice daily about one month ago and last week upped it to 500mg twice daily for unexplained wrist and shoulder pain (physio suspects neck problem). Prior to that I was taking Diclofenac for three weeks Anyway since taking Naproxen I have noticed that I have lost most of

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