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Ovarian Cyst

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  • Zwits 1

    Feeling extremely anxious.

    My right side feels all numb and achy, from my ovary to my kidney, got wiered tingling almost week feeling in my right leg also. they said it could be kidney stone but I dont think so. had bloods done but came back abnormal. I do have Hypothyroidism also so could be that. I feel sick with worry

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  • kh123 2

    Ovarian Cyst?

    I'm a mum of two, 36, had a few Fibroids removed, a novasure ablation and was sterilised with titanium clips all at the same time by Laparoscopy a little over a year ago. I'd been suffering severe pain and Menorrhagia, thickened uterus lining and Aneamia for about a year before. Everything seemed

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  • mellisa15731 2

    13 cm cyst ruptured

    ok so i had a 13cmx11x8cm cyst that think it had a slow leak or something but now last ultrasound i have alot of fluid left over.. any one know how long it takes for your body to absorb it or side effects from it.. does it still cause bloatness etc

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