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Pernicious Anaemia

Join group Also known as Anaemia - Pernicious, B12 Deficiency, Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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  • beckie24 1

    B12 and folate deficiency...

    Hi I've been diagnosed with both b12 and folate deficiency which in a way I'm glad and also annoyed at the same time. Glad that I wasn't just being lazy as I can hardly get through a working day and when I get home go straight to bed, its a tiredness that you feel the word tired doesn't do it

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  • Normality 1

    Cytamenh for

    F B12 deficiency.     .Question:   Are GPs allowed to proscribe and provide this injection for patient to take to Spain to be given there as and when due in a Spanish Health Centre?  District Nurse in UK has provided the documentation and a syringe to be given to the Spanish nursing Sister.

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  • v55957 2

    Over 1000 after injections

    If your B12 is over 1000 after injections, I would look at what may be causing it to continually be low. B12 stores in your liver, so are you taking medications that may be depleting your B12?  Something is causing the deficiency. That is always the first thing to fix. Find out what it is that's

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