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Scleritis And Episcleritis

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  • cindy 825 1


    about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with scleritis.  I was seeing a cornea specialist.  She immediately told me I had an auto immune disease.  I was put on steroids and methatextrate. We were moving out of state at the time.  When I got to new home I went to see a new opthamologist who told me I do

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  • KR 1

    pleased to have you with us!

    It was great to read all of your posts , although so sorry you have all been through so much !! I too am so glad to have this contact. We may live miles away from each other but I feel we are united by a common bond. Having read your posts I too feel less on my own and in a way vindicated! Its so

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  • music maker 1

    is episcleritis not curable????

    I have read a load of other peoples experiences and it has made me very depressed. Is there no cure for episcleritis? Does no one ever get better? I have suffered with it since october last year and every time I get a new lot of drops I think \"YES!! this time!!!\" but all the letters on

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