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  • heather24936 2


    Hi ive just been to the docs to say I want to come off mirt.  Have been on 45g for 2 years and 30g prior.  Doc put me straight on 30g for a monthto see how I go.  Do you think that this is too much?  Its only cos the next size down is 30g.  All I got in the way of support was "see how you go".  

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  • slicey 2

    Is it common?

    Hi. I am Selloane from South Africa and I am 17. My mom told me that when I was young I had armpit odour so she took me to the Paediatrician and he recommended that I start using roll on right away. I started using shield for men then and I was 4. This is not that shocking to me because it is

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  • rob23708 2

    on and off nightsweats

    im a 22 year old male and for the last 5 months ive been having on and off nightsweats where i wake up sweating mainly on my chest and i went to the doctors numerous times and eventually had a blood test where i was tested for all cancers, hiv, diabetes, any infections pretty much the whole

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