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Urticarial Rash

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  • rose00110 3


    ive had this for three yrs ang getting worse im doing the low histamine diet im not using any scented.  Is it possible that because im always around my husbands strong scented products that could be the culprit or would it have to directly touch my body.  Does anyone have any idea.  I'm really

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  • 03bonj03 2

    Parsley tea cured my hives

    Hello everyone, I've had hives for 1 and a half years that started April 2015. I keep going back to doctor several times and have tried different meds but to no avail and doctor can't figure out what's causing it. I think my case is called idiopathic migrating urticaria. I stopped with meds and

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  • vera47921 2

    How long does Xolair take to work?

    Hi there I had my first Xolair injection about 3 weeks ago (150mg) and it worked for the first 3 weeks but then I had a massive flare up (probably caused by the high histamine food and drink I was having whilst on holiday). I had my second Xolair injection (300mg) on Friday afternoon (it's now

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