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Hi, I have been diagnosed with BV today when I got my results from my clinic. I have never heard of BV before so have spent the last 2 hours looking it up on the net, the nurse I was talking to on the phone told be I was positive for BV+++ I have no symptoms like smelly discharge or burning around the vulva or vagina which is good! The Nurse advised me that taking antibiotics might not clear it and the side affects can be bad so she told me to think about it!?? I am all confused and very anxious could anyone help with some tips from experience as what to do? Thanks guys

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  • Kent

    Hi. I went for a smear test and was told I have BV - or I assume so as have been sent a letter from GP with prescription for Clindamycin Dalcin cream and to go for a repeat smear in two weeks once finished cream. Am going to the doctor tomorrow to find out what it is all about as having to have a repeat smear is quite scary in any event!

    Did you get diagnosed in the same way??

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