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Gap in between toes

HI All

I am in my 5th week after having my bunion removed. I am slight worried at the moment. The gap between my big toe and the 2nd toe was quite large when I first had the surgery. I have notice that the gap has got a lot smaller. I did ring up and the secretary and she said does it look like its bending in, I said its hard to tell because of the bandage. She then said well surgery doesnt always work. At no point did anyone say it might not work work!

I am thinking that maybe the gap has decreased because the swelling has gone down between all the joints etc?

Does anyone know?

I am continually checking the gap and its driving me nuts!!! I have done everything they said and I am feeling a little gutted!

Any help would be great.


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  • momzo

    Hi Tina

    I had both feet done at the same time 6 weeks ago yesterday. my casts were removed after 2 weeks. No

    further dressing were put on them. the gap between my big toes and 2nd toe at the time the casts were

    removed was quite large.(I did think how will I keep a flip flops on if it stays like that) The consultant at the

    time did say he was happy for the toe to drift back naturally.. I'm guessing from what you say you still have casts/bandages on?

    I went back yesterday and had a further x-ray and all is fine, he even said I told you they would drift back.

    My big toes now slightly touch the next toes. When is your next appointment? He also said that to make

    them bang straight would mean no shoes would ever fit.. I'm no expert but sounds like the receptionist

    wasn't that helpful..

    Hope that helps.


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  • tina03836

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for replying.

    That has made me feel better, thank you.

    I am still in a bandage as I have a K wire sticking out of the side of my foot, I didn't even have a cast in the beginning.

    I did feel the gap was big but I didn't have much of a chance to speak about the op as it was not my surgeon who saw me when I had my stitches out.

    Not much was explained to me or maybe I just want to know too much!! Your comment about the flip flop did make me chuckle because I thought exactly the same, thought I would have to throw mine away!

    I have been so good resting with my foot up etc so I thought it couldn't be / hoped it couldn't be anything I have done!

    All the best with your recovery


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  • sulaimansiti12187

    Hi Tina,

    Don't worry Tina. I have gone through the episode 4 months ago with K-wire. I am grateful now as my left

    foot is no more flat feet and the collouse/corns are gone during the new skin formation. Apart from that no more pain and my walking style is more lady like smile


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  • tina03836

    Hi CT

    Someone who has had the same as me! Glad to here you are better and it was worth it.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Didnt realise that it may help my arch too that is an added bonus!


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  • vjl56

    Tina. Hi how are you doing now you're another few weeks on? Just had my surgery today am neurotic and terrified my toes won't look any different!! I have to wait two weeks til stitches out to see. The bandages are too thick to get an idea. I do hope you're pleased? I'd love straight feet, having had bent big toes and bunions forming since I was about 8. I'm looking forward at the very least to finding shoes that will eventually fit me! V

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