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HFM In Adult

Have just read report of the lady who has contracted H F M.

I recently have usually babyminded my Grandson about once weekly only 2 weeks ago he came out in the HFM rash and blisters and was really unwell. My Daughter contacted her GP and was told that once the rash is out he would no longer be infectious and it was very rare for adults to actually get this if they did usually in mild form.

So hence i looked after him whilst the rash was present, last week i Had a really sore throat and felt tired and acheing, and over the past 3 days my fingers have swollen developed a rash on the palms of my hands blisters on my wrists and ankles, this morning it was very painful to stand when i got out of bed,

This evening have developed blisters inside my mouth and inner bottom lip.

All in which contradicts that Adults get this very mildly.

I read with interest the previous ladies report and sounds like we both have had a rough deal of it.

I am very curious to know how long i should wait before being in contact with other people, as there are so many different reports.

If anyone can enlighten me on this please add a comment.

i wish everyone a speedy recovery who also contracts this by no means mild illness.

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    Much appreciated the comments by Mrs M. I am not normally a particularly unwell person and never let it get me down or take time off work. That said after contracting HFM from my 1 year old I feel it is not exactly mild! I had 2 days of fever followed by aching and sores on the hand. I am unable to eat or sleep properly due to the very painful mass of sores sores around my throat (about three days in) and I inexplicably have very itchy knees. I am now 5 days in and still no sign of improvement and have been finally forced to take time off work. I am guessing from other comments that I am having a rough time of it but nice to know I am not the only one.

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    I'm 46. My 6-year old daughter and I probably picked this up together at a soft play centre. Our signs and symptoms were similar - spotty hands, mouth ulcers, real trouble eating anything - but she shrugged it off in three days and it's taken me a week.

    The first I knew about it was where the palms of my hands touched the steering wheel: I felt as though I had picked up a few tiny splinters - and that's what the marks looked like. They hurt only when they were in the cracks of my skin. A small number appeared on my toes. As the spots grew over two days, I realised that my mouth was getting sore. I reached 39 spots on my right hand and at least a dozen very painful ulcers in my mouth (I can't see that well inside my own mouth but I can see a few and feel the others). The pictures in the reference article look just like my mouth and fingers - with more red spots inside the mouth as well as what I'd call ulcers.

    Bonjela didn't last long enough. Paracetamol helped a bit but the most important thing for me was to keep my mouth clean. Rinsing with salty water seemed to help.

    I couldn't speak properly so I had to take time off work. Now after a week the ulcers feel like, well, ordinary ulcers, and I can speak again. The spots never actually burst or wept, but they now look as though they are drying up.

    We've been very careful with basic hygiene - especially around the toilets - but today my 9-year-old has started to show the same spots and ulcers.

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