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How long does it take for antibiotics to work for kidney inf

Just been prescribed ciprofloxacin for kidney infection wondering how long it take to work, was told 48 hours by GP but still feel really ill after 4 days. Never had this before so not sure how long it will last.

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  • Guest

    sad I was diagnosed 3 days ago with a kidney infection and have been put on an antibiotic called Amoxicillin, I have nver felt so ill! I have called NHS direct tonight and they advised that it takes 48 hours for the antibiotics to kick in. The pain in my back is unreal so i went to visit my doctor again today who prescribed me with Tramadol - strong painkiller which doesnt seem to be workin either!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    • northernstar Guest

      it sounds to me as though you are going through the agony of passing kidney stones ,i would take yourself to the A and E let them check you out because the only thing that will ease this pain if it is kidney stones is a drip of morphine. i had to go to A and E last weekend with the same thing. they kept me in the next day to do tests and found i had passed 2 stones hence the agony and have 3 more in my other kidney. you need a catscan to find out this info on your kidneys . i would rather go through childbirth again than go through the pain of last week. 

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  • Guest

    I just went to the Emergency room last night in so much pain. I was on your same antibiotic for 3 days and it had not helped one bit yet. They retested my urine and it was still heavely infected. They had to put me on IV antibiotics. I'm hoping it clears it up! I still feel awful. Heading back to the ER for my second round of IV antibiotics in an hour. Hopefully it works sooooooon!!

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  • Guest

    Hi... A lot depends on what the infection is... I had acute Pyelonephritis and the pain was completely off the scale... To be honest, I've never known any Antibiotic work in 2 or 3 days... perhaps a little relief is possible in that time... I was having a constant antibiotic IV drip in hospital for 3 days and then follow on antibiotics for a fortnight after. Bladder and urinary tract problems are... as you well know... dreadfully painful... I hope they gave you some morphine or something similar to ease the agony...I want to suggest that you remember the pain you are suffering and when you get well again start looking at precautionary measures to prevent a recurrence... unfortunately, if you are succeptible to these infections (like I am) there's a good chance it will happen again...Cranberry... juice or capsule, it doesn't matter...capsule is cheaper... afterwards do a little research on D-Mannose... this isn't mainstream medicine, but I know a lot of people who it has helped...

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  • UK-Ven-medicate Guest

    Antibiotics don't work in 3-4 days for a kidney infection. I was in hospital for 4 days followed b a 7 day course of pivmillcium 4 times a day. I then had a relapse and had to have a further 14 days for 3 times a day.

    The antibiotics in themselves are pretty bad for sickness and diarrhoea so its a rough ride

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    • kat.hy UK-Ven-medicate

      Thanks for your post. It helps me. I am currently being treated for what they think is a kidney infection and I have only had 10 days of antibiotics. It is much better but not totally gone, so I will go back and see if they will put me on antibiotics longer.  It's good to hear other people's experiences. It's otherwise scary.

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  • lou57671 Guest

    Hi, I'm currently on holiday and have a kidney infection and 4th day into ciprofloxacin. I know your post was a year old, but in really still having urinary and some back symptoms, although my fever has gone,I still feel weak. How long did it take for your symptoms to go on the ciprofloxacin? Was everything ok. Thanks soooo much!

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    • hmthackston lou57671

      Hello, I'm taking macrobid for mine right now on day six and am just of this morning feeling better. But I'm having bad back pain again which concerns me. My doctor told me today it should take the whole 7 days to feel better and that some continue to work after you stop. Hope this helps drink some honey water with lemon or cranberry juice! If you can stand it eat fresh garlic

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  • victoria74018 Guest

    I've just been diagnosed with a kidney infection. All I would say is it's been horrendous so far. I went to A&e in agony and was discharged the following day with a diagnosis of constipation. Unbelievable how unwell I was and they still insisted I had no infection. They did rule out a kidney stone which was positive. This was 1 week ago. From then I visited my Gp twice and then went back to A&e where I was finally diagnosed with an infection due to my temperature being 39. I was put on a gentimiacin drip and discharged with oral anti biotics but was readmitted 2 days later because my symptoms hadn't eased. Another night in hospital and another IV of gentimiacin and I was discharged with different anti biotics. The pain has passed but I'm still getting chills and feaver. My advice is persevere with health professionals and listen to ur body u know when ur unwell. I think recovery is a long road. Drink plenty and rest. Hope u feel better soon x

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