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I'm only 19.

I am only 19 and just found out i have HS. I have had it for a while now i am sure but just got the guts to go to the doctors. At my age i am so embarassed it makes me sad. I thought it was only me. Im scared for it to get worse.

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    Hello, Don't worry i'm only 17 and i have a mild case of it. Whenever i enter a relationship i feel physically sick the fact a guy seeing it.

    I've done a lot of research and 1 in a 100 people have in it the UK.

    The scarring is really aweful + the ammount of times i've thought about commiting suicide is unreal.

    Anyways Hun, Stay strong go to your doctor + tell them you think you have hs, they should give you some antibotics which in my case don't really do much but for you could be different. Also Lay of deodraints + soaps unless their one's without chemicals in themsmile

    Hope everything works out, chin up your not alone.

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    thanks for your reply! these experiences are helping just to know its not just me! mines must of started when i was about 16 so i understand being so young its hard! i don't even want to be in a relationship or anything. I'v been put on anti-biotics but to be honest i don't see a difference yet, but am hoping. smile

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    Hi my beautiful daughter has had HS since the age of 9 and shes 15 now!!!! She has often suffered in silence, has lived on anti-biotics which work for a while then dont and she gets put onto diff ones. She had an operation about a year ago which seemed to really help but no, they're back again in all places bless her. However, like you she was / is really embarassed etc etc, worried about relationships with boys etc etc but she is now very happy and has a super boyfriend for the last 11 months who is very understanding , caring and supportive and this has been a real tonic to her. There are people out there and even though it took her about 6 months into the relationship to tell him due to fear and embarrasment, he said it would have made no difference to him whatsoever and wishes shed discussed it sooner!!!!! Due to this site we are now trying tumeric capsules from the health shop to see if that helps her. Just remember its who you are not what youve got that matters beauty is more than just skin deep !!!!!!!! I know because my daughter is stunning inside and out ....just like you !!!!! Chin up you are NOT alone.

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    thankyou very much for your reply! I am happy your daughters found someone who understands. Its scary because at the start i didnt have a clue what was going on and i haven't told my mum as i am embarrassed. Am on antibiotics, and am going to see how they go. I'v read on this about this tumeric stuff which i will have to read more about. It's difficult trying to hide this.

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