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Mirtazapine withdrawal

Hey everyone,

I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg since Feb his year but I've had alot of problems with. Ear infections, burning mouth syndrome etc. so my Psychiatrist think's I should come of it. He told me to cut down to 15mg and only take them for a week and then just stop. So I finally stopped taking the 15mg on Mon night and I feel terrible.

It's not just my moods (my depression/anxiety had been great before coming off med), I physically feel really sick, been feeling extremely nauseated and last night couldn't sleep because I kept thinking I was going to throw up. Is this a normal reaction coming off mirtazapine?

Because my depression/anxiety had gotten alot better, we didn't feel the need to just take me off mirtazapine and put on on another drug because I thought I was cured. Plus, I don't want to take any more antidepressants at all really.

PLEASE, any help or advice you offer would be greatly appreciated because I'm really worried now and I don't want to have to go back to taking mirtazapine sad .

Will the withdrawal last long? How long will it take to fully get the tablets out of my system?

Please help,



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  • mini3585

    Sorry im reducing it by 0.01-0.05mg per week depending on how im feeling....a TINY dose and I can still feel the effects, which is why im thinking go for it, have a few days that are really bad instead of dragging it out over weeks and weeks at this rate!

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  • pjdme

    Hi mini, hope alls better for you none the less. It seems like a long time ago that i put some text here befor the recent ones, but it hasn't. Sounds like you are nearly there. Its always that last little bit that seems to be the hardest from what i have read on forums. It looks like you have tapered off well to this point. Go for it if you feel ready, you will have to at some point i guess. Came off the propranalol without too much bother im glad to say. I must say i feel a lot better than i did. It took a while to get off the escitalopram but once on the sert i had a week of mild'sh withdrawal. The sert took a good 6 weeks to kick in and slowly pulled me back up, but it took so long. I hope you deal with the last bit soon and send all my best wishes for youre recovery, all the best : )

    Stay strong!

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  • sunnyboy64

    im trying to come off mirt and go onto sertraline.afraid of being without meds but i think i can go to sretraline soon after stopping mirtrazapine,any help and info would be most appreciated

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  • ronald_boy

    Hi EveryOne,

    Thank God at least to find this website.I thought i got some bad virus in my body and was planing to go hospital.But after seeing all these posts looks I am suffering from

    Mitrazapine withdrawal symptoms.

    My Story:

    I was on mitrazapine 15mg for two months to get good sleep and to reduce stress/anxiety/depression.It was worked initially a month but after that its creating terrible nausea, vomiting feeling,loose stools,

    some times feeling like faint.After discussion with my PsyDoc want to come off from it.

    I am in withdrawal period now and tampering my dose.

    Withdrawal plan:

    1st week 7.5 mg from 15 mg -- good did not find any serious problems.

    Now this week plan is 7.5 and 3.5 mg alternatively for a week.But started experiencing sever nausa,vomting feelings,no question of eating much,Too much thinking ,chest tightness some times,emotional for small things.

    feeling like sick which I never had,headaches are awful I think becoz of anxiety,some unknown pains coming and going.And facing difficulties at my regular work at office place because of these symptoms.

    I dont want to take any antidepressants as long as i live, I am just 26 male.

    Next week plan is to take 3.5mg for a week and then stop.Not sure how it goes

    Any help/suggestions are most welcome on withdrawal plan.

    Hope God bless you all


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  • mini3585

    Hi there

    the best advice I can give is taper slowly...give your body time to adjust to the change before taking the dose down again. I tapered off my drugs far too quickly and am still suffering for it. I may never come out of withdrawal. Its been 6 months since I stopped my sertraline and 4 months since themirtazipine and I still have the same withdrawal symptoms. On the plus side I feel mentally more healthy even if physically I'm suffering. Good luck, and it slowly smile

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  • mini3585

    I would take 7.5mg for a week, then maybe 5mg until your body adjusts, then 3.5 mg until your body should take it down by small doses, don't alternate the dose it will confuse your body.

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  • ronald_boy

    Hi Mini,

    Thanks for your suggestion.Ya, I think next dose should be 5mg instead of going for 3.5 mg.

    and also started taking some vitamin C,omega 3 fish oil and doing some Yoga in evening to get through the transition to less burden on adrenals.

    I will get back on the progress.

    Thank you


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  • Erica45

    I stopped far too quickly (45mg Mirt to half a tablet then a quarter etc over the space of a few weeks then just stopped altogether). The nausea was horrendous and the feelings of dread. I did lose 3 stone 4 lbs though. The withdrawal lasted about 5 months for me but was worth sticking to it - the comments on this forum helped me keep positive. I still get the occasional symptoms but only very slight and only lasting a few hours. I'm hopeful that they will eventually disappear altogether.

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  • cc33

    So glad to have found this website... only been on Mirtazapine for a few months for anxiety including lack of sleep. GP felt this was a good choice with it having sedative. Previously prescribed Citilapram - only took one tablet and had a massive panic attack followed by a smaller one a few days later. I've been having psychotherapy which is dealing with the anxiety issues (long term problems which stem from childhood) . Didn't really want antidepressants in the first place but went on them as the list for CBT on NHS was so long (26weeks wait!)

    I've been on antidepressants before and been ok when reducing the dose slowly to come off.

    I have a question re reducing the doses and getting the amount right. Am I right in thinking that 15mg is the smallest tablet dose you can get?

    I was thinking of going from 30mg to 22mg(one and half 15mg tablets) then 15mg, then half again to 7.5mg(ie half a 15mg tablet).... can I ask how others on here are getting an accurate smaller dose after that?

    Would be grateful for any advise. I think for me it's worth reducing slowly.

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  • Erica45

    There is a useful book, I think its on the CITA website I bought/downloaded it. The title is "Back to Life" by Pam Armstrong and it gives lots of helpful information and at the end there are charts to guide you through reducing the dosage. I didn't try it myself as I had already stopped but it might be worth having a look.

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  • SDD

    This thread has scared the shit out of me, been on mirt for about a year now and so sick of getting so hungry and putting on weight I want to live life on lifes terms. Least I know what I'm in for!

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  • honeybee0602

    I shouldn't worry too much...I tapered off quite slowly and then was fine. (it's on here somewhere how I actually did it). I came on here originally to find out what happened but it seems the only people that post on here regularly are the ones that have problems. I do wonder sometimes though if it is a medical condition they're suffering from rather than just withdrawal. Go into it with a positive attitude. My daughter stopped cold daughter on every anti-d she's taken over the years and has been fine!

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  • DooLally

    Hi every1. Not been on in a while. Jus thought i wud let u know i am off the Mirt!! I woke up 1 morn an decided enough was enough so jus stopped takin them!! Binned them all there & then!! Havent looked bk since!! Its een about 2months now i think!!! No withdrawals,nothin!! I believe it was purely dwn to my stubborness to get off them!! If i can beat the Mirt, then every1 on here can!!


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  • mini3585

    Can I just add that it can be very dangerous to stop any psychiatric drug suddenly. Some people manage it ok but for others it can result in prolonged and severe and sometimes disabling withdrawals that can go on for week, months and in some cases years. Some people develop prolonged withdrawal syndrome. I have been suffering withdrawals for 6 months through stopping my sertraline then mirtazipine too quickly. Thankfully (though slowly) I am starting to see an improvement.

    It could be months before I completely physically recover but it beats the psychological mess I was when I was taking them.

    This is a good site and will provide everyone with all the info they need on stopping psychiatric drugs...

    I would suggest that anyone planning to come off AD's take a look first smile

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  • ronald_boy

    Hi CC ,

    I am currently at 3.5 mg from (5, 7.5, 15) .I have been on 3.5 mg since three weeks and looks ok now.I am planing to come off from it this week.

    I would suggest cut 2 mg or 2.5mg from 7.5 mg once your body adjust and give minimum one week period for each reduction of dosage.


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  • Ann04

    Hi, brand new to all this and absolutely terrified anyway , nevermind after reading most of these posts. Have just been prescribed Mirtazapine 15mg because of depression and recently diagnosed PTSD going back 25yrs or so. Have never had to take such drugs before and reading about the side effects is terrifying me - especially as JUST as I got these diagnoses my husband walked out and adandoned me. OK I do know I've been behaving like the psycho bitch from hell recently but er... I'm ILL! So this has obviously heightened things right now. However, what it does mean at the moment is that I'm alone in the house and the thought of starting this sort of medication alone is frightening the crap out of me. Any advice from anyone would be SO gratefully received. I have absolutely no-one and am completely on my own with all this. I am going out of my mind.

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  • jennifer5280

    HI there-

    I was on remeron for about 2 years.

    I decided to get off of it for the fact that I wanted to try and start for kids.

    I was on 30mg. Then I cut down to a pill and a half. Right when that happened I suffered major withdrawls. I felt so sick, as if i was having the flu. I was so overemoitonal crying, feeling depressed. I couldnt eat, felt anxious, it was aweful. That lasted for about 2 weeks, Then I went down to one pill for 2 weeks, then to half a pill for 2 weeks. I have been off of it for about a week and a half and I feel so sick. I cant eat, I cant sleep, i am

    riddled with anxiety, i feel so nautious, i throw up have the number two's and, my back and legs hurt so much,...i pretty much feel like I have the flu. I have been taking xanax to cope with this. Although it helps somewhat, it makes me so tired.

    I totally feel your pain and I am right there with you. The though of parties, going out to dinner, anything

    that involves socializing is making me feel anxious. Work too. I can not wait for this to go away. Please

    keep in contact with me, its so comforting knowing i am not the only one going through this.

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  • chuset

    Hi folks! I don’t speak english well but I shall try. I have followed this forum about mirtazapine withdrawal and I ’ve also searched on mirta cause I am on mirta for more than 8-9 years plus others meds for anxiety, insomnia and depression. In fact, I started to live this nightmare on these drugs in 2000 year because after ending a relationship with my girlfriend my life was to worst with insomnia, low mood and anxiety and for that moment the doctors prescribed me those horrendous meds.

    Now I only take mirta cause last october I come off benzos definitely. I passed the mirta withdrawal symptoms several times and last summer the benzos one as I had managed of stopping mirta on december 2011. So I was took only benzos from december 2011 to july 2012 and it was terrible overall during several weeks on summer as my anxiety makes me feel on the top so that I started to take mirta again.

    On the 18th day of december 2012 I began the tapering from 15 mg mirta and I just take 5,625 mg now. Of course I already passed through almost nasty symptoms but I stick with them like someones of you said.

    Please, to all those has already passed with succeed this ordeal:

    How about last weeks before of coming off mirta? And the weeks after that?

    During these years I tried to come off mirta several times but I took more benzos in stead of and really the hell is not to far these are some symtons: heat/cold, anxiety, irritability, low mood, tearfulness, brain well not normal brain, stomach wow!, etc, and the insomnia, so many nights with not sleep at all or just 1 to 4 hours with its consequenses. Another thing is that I am going many times to urinate a little quantity like at the present time and then it’s very difficult to fall asleep –I can go to piss ten times or even more-.

    I`d like to come off the pills rapidly so that I am able to live my life.

    Thanks to all, I will thank any help or advice.

    I just to get a liquid solution of mirtazapine.

    People have the power. Although it doesn’t seem.

    Many thanks.

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  • Erica45

    Just looking some advice from anyone who has been off Mirtazapine for a while. I've been off it for 10 months now and feeling much better. Is it possible to still have the very occasional bout of the withdrawal symptoms? For almost a week I've had stomach pains, no appetite, nausea and dread, and was wondering whether its still withdrawal or something else. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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