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Orlistat after gallbladder surgery?

Hi Everyone

I am just wondering if anyone else is on this medication that have had their gallbladder removed.

Have been reading up on the internet (never a good thing) and have found references to Orlistat being a contraindication to people that have had their gallbladder removed.

I am a bit worried as recently have had a cholecystectomy and without gallbladder you have a reduced ability to digest fat and then also these tablets just add to that.

Be interested to hear any experiences ??

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  • WorkingRedDevil07


    having not had my gall bladder removed myself i cant really say for sure but my roommate had her gall bladder removed and was then later put on these tablets, she suffered an allergic reaction to them, bloated, stomach pains and contant runs (despite eating a low fat diet) could be a coincidence but its best to check the advice from your doctor.

    C x

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  • Jane1962


    I had ny gall bladder removed in 1998 and stated taking orlistat last May until Jan then started back on them last week. Managed to loose nearly 2 stones when on it previously with no bad side effects except from the orange oil - which seemed to appear even if I hadn't had much fat, maybe because I wasn't able to digest the fat properly because of not having a gall bladder :?:

    I was always bloated but have IBS so used to that and now I've found Activia yoghurts don't seem to have a problem.

    Hope you get on ok with the bluey's.

    Good luck


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  • debbuck

    Do you know this is something I had not thought about. I had my gaul bladder removed about 10 years ago and then developed IBS, which seems a common thing to develope after. My sister and I are both on Orlistat and we have complete opposite side effects. She very rarely goes to the loo or has orange oil where as I go within 30 minutes of a meal even if I only eat a salad, and get orange oil every time. My sister thought I was stuffing fatty food until she actually ate out with me and then saw the effects.

    Unlike her I have not called MAP but maybe I should to see if there is any advice as I had thought nothing of it due to the IBS being so sever at times I just thought this is normal for me. I have been on the pills since October last year and just hit 2 stone lost but dropped 4 dress sizes thanks to my new found love of walking everywhere. Helps having a little one to push about in her pushchair.

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  • debbuck

    I have just had my monthly weigh in and asked the nurse about lack of gallbladder and she says the fact that we do not already absorb some fats does mean the tablets work far quicker but doesn't mean we loose more wieght we are litterally passing most of the fat we take in, including good fats.

    Atleast now i know why they have such a quick effect on me personally.

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  • hungover

    Just to clarify - your gall bladder just stores bile which is used to break down fats so you can digest them. It doesn't actually make the bile - that's your liver. Best to get a GP opinion before starting - it's the possibility of pancreatitis which would be the greatest concern for most docs - if you do take orlistat and get severe abdominal pains then stop as that may be an indication you're developing pancreatic problems.

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  • Guest

    I have no gall bladder. I had severe IBS long before my gall bladder was removed and I think the IBS was probably due to impaired gall bladder function for years. After my gall bladder was removed, the IBS was just the same. I just started on alli last week and was taking a pill with most meals. I have now reduced this to 1 a day. I had no reaction at first, no weight loss and no side effects. But in the last 2 days I have had a bad reaction and rapid weight loss. I have a lot of blood in my stool and have decided to stop taking it as I do not want to create problems for my body. :?:

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  • Guest


    I had my gallbladder removed a yr ago feb it is very normal to get diarrhoea for up to six months anyway post op as your body has to adapt to not having your gallbladder. I started taking orlistat may last yr and my surgeon and gastroenterologist both know i take orlistat and are happy for me to continue, the only time i get really bad symptoms of the orlistat is if i've been naughty and eaten something full of fat like a chinese or kfc, if you are worried contact the surgeon who performed your surgery.

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  • quill-drill cannot call have to send your question on line and they are supposed to answer...I'm patiently waiting. I rang last week and was sharply told that no questions are now answered on the phone and to do it all on-line. Use the 'Contact' button at the top of the MAP page.

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