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ruptured baker's cyst

About 18 months ago, I had what I though what was an attack of cramp in my left calf during the night. During the following day I felt a slight discomfort on walking but nothing more. The following morning however, I could not walk. My leg was swollen and bruising extended right down to my toes. The sort of bruising you would associate with a fracture.

I do not suffer from arthritis in my left knee, although I had a medial meniscectomy many years ago on my right knee following an accident.

At my local A&E dept., the medical staff refused to believe that I had not had an accident ie. hit by a bus, and sent me for Xrays which naturally were negative.

Eventually, I had an ultrasound scan to exclude the possibility of a DVT, and a ruptured Baker's cyst was diagnosed. I was prescribed analgesics for the pain and ice dressings to reduce the swelling. (A little late for that as it was now 48 hrs later!).

Two or three days later, the swelling and pain was gone and the bruising gradually faded. Until this time I had experienced no symptoms whatsoever. No pain, no popllteal swelling, nothing at all. since then I have had no more problems.

Danny Winn BSc, RGN,RNMS, FRSH

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  • les32645 danny winn


    Just read your comment, what analgetics did you get and what ice dressings? I have just suffered the same cyst rupture, but was just told take pain killers.....any advice would be good, as I am going on holiday on Friday and need to get this swelling down...


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    • danny winn les32645


      In my case I was given some paracetamol 500mg tabs, three times per day (tds). The swelling and pain was gone in three days but the bruising was still there several weeks later. I didn't bother with ice packs as it was a bit late for that. I shouldn't worry too much - it should be ok by Friday. I was told it would get better by itself and so it did!



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