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Swelling on Right side of face and eye

This morning I woke up with my right side of face all swollen, red and my eyeball is leaking. The right side of my face, jaw, temporal area and neck have given me problems for months and months before the doctors diagnosed PMR and GCA. They still have not done anything the really confirm GCA and I am worried that I may have had a mini-stroke as I woke up all numb in the right side of my head one morning and slowly the numbness went away and then pain was horrible. I have pain in the right side of my head 24/7 but the SWELLING appearance is new. Should I be going to the hospital?

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  • EileenH

    If you are worried enough to post on here to ask, Snaggler, I think you probably do need the reassurance of a doctor's opinion. It may be nothing - but none of us can say as we're not doctors and can't see you anyway. Even doctors shouldn't make a dx over the phone - though they do!


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  • Snaggler

    Doctors are not GOD although I am sure some think they are. LOL! Either way if it gets any worse as the Day progresses I will be spending the new year eve in the hospital. :shock:

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  • carolk

    hi snaggler i dont normally comment having less experiance than others however i feel i must go along with eileen on this one when in doubt consult the doctors good luck carol k

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  • Snaggler

    Thank you for your concern. I am not great but I am now gong in for a cat scan this coming Thursday. My husband will be driving me to the hospital as I cannot drive for more then a few minutes due to pain here and there. My spleen is swollen and my face is visibly swollen on the right side. Now it feels like a humming bird is inside my head. Odd sensation. I am so glad I quit work, being in this shape and working would of been deadly. I hope to have more answers as to why I am having so many issues. I am sure the CLL is playing a key role in this. :shock:

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  • MrsO-UK Surrey

    Hello Snaggler

    So sorry to hear you are still suffering and do hope that the scan shows up something that can be successfully treated so that you can at least get rid of that problem. All the very best for Thursday and do keep in touch and let us know how you get on.


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  • RickF

    Hi Snaggler,

    I've not posted to this thread until now, but thanks for keeping us up to date. We hope the results will be nothing terrible but they'll find the cause.

    The forum has gone under 'major surgery' it seems – or redesigned as they call it. It was IMPOSSIBLE to read! All the replies were in columns below and to the right of the original post so no one could read them. Looks like that part is finally fixed. Whew!!

    But... each and every time anyone wants to post, we're required to sign in again! The software doesn't not remember us. I had to reset my password (even though it was correct) and come up with a new one.

    The question I have is, "why do they always think newer is better?!" Not so. Forums are like tools where we share information and experiences. If I need a screw driver don't try to give me a pair of pliers.

    All the best. Hope the results are goo

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  • Snaggler

    LOL! Rick I agree about if something is not broken do not fix it. The new forums look very pretty but they do not seem to be working to the expectations of the last one. I hate signing in over and over also. smile

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  • RickF

    HI Snaggler,

    I read in another thread where you got the results from your CT scan and they didn't find anything. Must be a relief of sorts but also frustrating in not knowing the cause. Hopefully you the pain will subside soon.


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  • carolk

    hi everyone ithought i was lost for ever in cyber world but hopefully its finally sorted the web would not accept my password but i wont bore you with it just wanted to say iam back on board but cant stand the new format carolk

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