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vaginal cellulitis

I contracted vaginal cellulitis (cellulitis of the vagina/vulva area) over night. It is one of the most painful experiences I have ever felt and I feel my boyfriend may be put off when he sees the swelling. My doctor said he had never seen a case this bad in this area before and his reaction has made me worry that it may lead onto a more serious infection. I was prescribed many very strong painkillers and warned that my pain may increase.

If anyone else has suffered in this area please respond as I am only 19 and starting to worry about my health. Thank you.

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    This is painful i have had the same experience not to long ago when we decided to change detergents for out laundry. The doctor told me to use Desitin which remarkably is helping. Didnt think that it would take down the inflamation and remove some of the ouch but hey it works on babies to. The cooling gel also works as well.

    Hopefully this can be of some help!


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