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Zopiclone Makes Me Happy

I have suffered from depression for years and was not able to sleep. I was given zopiclone to take. It helped me a little to sleep. However one night I was getting ready for bed and I had taken my 7.5 zopiclone tablet, I then remembered I still had something else to do before I went to bed. I did what I had to do but to my amazement I felt happy and free of my depression. I couldn't work it out.

The following day I decided to take my zopiclone a bit earlier to see what happened. Again my depression lifted and I got more work done in one evening than I had in months.

I was honest and told my GP about how much better I felt whilst taking Zopiclone. She wasn't happy and insisted I be weaned off them. I cried and cried as I knew from then on I was going to be frozen within my depression and I am. I asked my GP why isn't there an anti depressant that could do the same thing. I have tried many and none of them have worked. I am sometimes tempted to try to get Zopiclone some other way so I could have another day of peace and not pain.

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  • deby

    hi all. i've just been reading all your experiences of various drugs. I've suffered with depression for as long as i can remember and i've lost count of number of drugs i've tried just to feel \"normal\"! I'm currently taking fluoxetine and zopiclone altho i take zopiclone during the day cos i feel anxious, nervous and tearful all the time. my doctor says it's the last lot of zops i can have so god knows what i'm gonna do when they've gone,2 left! thought i was the only one but after reading all your experiences i now realise i'm not alone. be nice to chat to someone bout it.

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    • marki deby

      hi .....i'm not sure were your up to with you medical issue' drop me a line ,,i am proficient to answer any questions you have in this field.

      Uk law is changing this drug to a controlled substance.....when it a beneficial use to lots of people. Feedback please

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    • susannah2b marki

      Hi, good wishes to you. Feedback on zopiclone changing to a controlled substance in the U.K. is, 'I am very sorry'.  I've used the medication for ages since all my life I've slept badly.  No problems, no anxiety, just my nature.  Zopiclone suits me perfectly.  I'm fit, active and mentally alert all day, it just turns off my active brain to allow sleep.  I've been buying on the net, but that's stopped now.  Any ideas/alteratives?  best wishes,  Sue

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  • Guest

    Hi there all

    Zopiclone may well make you feel happy for a short time but continued use will not only cause a serious addiction to this drug but will also add to your problems of depression.

    Zopiclone is for short term use for insomnia and shouldn't be used for anything else. Basically, what you are doing is abusing the drug because of its ability to make you feel relaxed.

    Have any of you thought about taking up relaxation classes or yoga?

    There is a great site where you can achieve deep relaxation which will give you the same 'happy' feeling as zopiclone would.

    To visit the site [url=] (Click here)[/url]

    I would also like to suggest you seriously think again about trying to get zopiclone or any other drugs by other means than through your GP.

    Melbi x

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    • susannah2b Guest

      Guest, as a normal intelligent human being caring about her own health, of course my lifetime bad sleeping issues have led to me trying relaxation;  meditation;  yoga;  even some of the herbal medications.  Only zopiclone works for me.  And now can't obtain, in the U.K.  When using it I have a guaranteed period of five or six hours sleep, happy days, no sluggishness, no tiredness, and my brain is alert as ever.  What means 'other than through your GP' do you suggest, since as stated it's now not even obtainable online without a prescription.  Thanks for your time.

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    • charlie79586 susannah2b

      I don't understand why you can't get them from your doctor. I was prescribed them recently so it's still possible. Look up the pros and cons online and work out why the pros fit your situation and come up with counter arguments to the cons or reasons why they don't apply to you. if that fails threaten to buy valium from dealers which is fairly easy to do so a legit threat. If that fails just buy valium from dealers instead. 

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  • belblac

    I was on Zopiclone for 8 years and found that once I had taken it I had energy and was able to do lots also gave me an appetite.

    I was taken off it by my new Drs and now find it very hard to get...despite changing Drs. I am thinking of buying some on-line does anyone else do this?


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  • Guest

    hi there Belblac

    You say you are considering buying some zopiclone online. To do this you will have to get them from another country. Now, it might be legal for them to sell drugs online in their country but is it legal here?

    Also, how will you know you are getting the real thing and not just some powder made into a tablet - worse still, what if what they use in them is harmful?

    It's a very risky business to start getting into buying drugs online and I would strongly recommend that you reconsider it.

    You ask if anyone else does this - well yes, I did it a while back but after a lot of research into the site I bought them from.

    Be very careful what you buy drug wise online. Will you tell your GP you have purchased some? If not, imagine the consequences if you become ill and need treatment - will you tell the hospital or GP then what you are taking? Or would you be prepared to keep it a secret from any medical team and put your life at risk?

    It definitely needs a lot of serious thinking about.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Incidently, yes. I told my GP that I had purchased zopiclone online. His reaction was to tel me he wished I hadn't and gave me a prescription for them. I still have them on repeat prescription but haven't ordered any in a while as I really do want to be able to survive without the use of them or any other drug on a daily basis.

    Melbi x

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  • belblac

    Hi Melbi.

    Yes, I would tell my Dr that I have bought Zopiclone on-line. I am looking into it because they help me so much. I have still not decided 100% to buy them! Are you in the UK? I am.


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  • Guest

    Hi again

    I might be wrong here but your doctor could refuse to treat you if you start self medicating as he/she may think it too risky to your health to prescribe anything else.

    Yes I live in the UK

    Melbi x

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  • Guest

    [quote:7bbf916969=\"belblac\"]I was on Zopiclone for 8 years and found that once I had taken it I had energy and was able to do lots also gave me an appetite.

    I was taken off it by my new Drs and now find it very hard to get...despite changing Drs. I am thinking of buying some on-line does anyone else do this?


    about zopiclone and sleeping problems

    Hi I suffered from sleep and relaxation problems for a long time mainly because of restless leg syndrom and i think also it was an after effect from chemotherapy and last year I bought a cd from

    grimsbyhypnosis its title is total relaxation no more tension

    The guide on the cd has a very soothing voice and the cd is based on Yoga nidra apparently an ancient indian way to relax, the good thing is that it is done lying down and therefore it is perfect for me and it worked like a dream. Definitly worth a try, because now i take zopiclone only ever so often when it gets very bad


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  • Guest

    This is very interesting. The day after the first time I took it, I woke up feeling \"human\" for the first time in a very long time... I can't remember the last time I felt \"normal\". I just assumed this was down to having slept properly at last. My second and third tablets, didn't seem to have any effect at all, so I gave up and took a couple of paracetamol instead (I stopped having alcohol in the house when I realised I needed it to make me sleep)

    I have suffered from Depression for many years, and am on Fluoxetine. During the dark months, my sleep pattern deteriorates so much that I swear my IQ halves! It is a horrendous thing to have, as when I am good I am really intelligent and capable of so much.

    I don't think I would want to take a tablet to make me feel \"normal\" if the effect doesn't last long though. From the lengths that some of you guys on here have gone to to get hold of this drug, whilst thinking this is a normal reaction... I don't want to become so dependent on anything that I have to do that.

    I have worried that drinking a glass of wine at night when I can't sleep is potentially harmful to my health.... but compared to taking something like these sleeping tablets, and the devestating effect insomnia has on my life, I think that I am going back to the icky wine, and sticking these tablets in a cupboard... along with the paracetamol, which I know is more harmful to me than alcohol...

    god, but insomnia does strange things to otherwise rational people... :0(

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  • Lozzatech

    I too suffer from depression and find the best way to deal with the horrible affects was to use zoplicone as a way to avoid the debilitating insomnia which most doctors on a whole unless experiencing this for themselves don't treat this as a serious problem and put it down to a lack of exercise or stress which in some cases may be correct but if someone is constantly unable to sleep, it is dangerous to just give them antidepressant medication as these mostly have side affects (i.e., Insomnia as well as the rest of horrible affects). I would recommend to anyone who cannot sleep to at least try zoplicone once rather than go through night after night of no sleep, this cycle of constance tiredness can lead to thoughts of suicide due to the unpleasant nature of insomnia. I found an understanding doctor who finally after I went see a mental health team and convinced them to give me double the dose as my insomnia was so bad, after that I was able to live a life without the chronic fatigue. But the second best effect of these great tablets is the lifting of the depression which is outstanding, most antidepressants don't even work, yet zoplicone can lift ones depression in half an hour amazing stuff, this should be used as a primary treatment for depression rather than a secondary treatment

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    • jillyanne83 Lozzatech

      I have been taking zopiclone for 2 years for sleep deprivation due to anxiety due to a bad relationship.  I, too, have found that after about 20-30 mins, the most amazing feeling of calm comes over me, I feel totally relaxed and anxious-free enough to take on anything, even strong enough to cope and deal with my sh*t a very calm manner.  I even feel strong enough to finish the relationship without feeling total devastation.  Sometimes I deliberately stay up long after I have taken the zop, just to experience the serenity of my feeling. When I do go to bed, the zop still works.  I agree with you, therefore, this should be used as a primary treatment for depression rather than a secondary treatment.  I thought I must be the only one who experienced this.  Has anyone taken zop during the day? And does anyone know the max dose over 24hrs?


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    • jillyanne83 Lozzatech

      Basically, I agree totally with you.  My first  post has been sent for moderation,  but I don't know why.  I am depression suffer of longstanding and need serious help.  The zopiclone does give me a totlaly relaxed feeling, making me feel less depressed immediately and able to take on my issues calmly and happil.

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  • WhipBibbler

    Though, it does help with those issues, and it does make you lifted,(I've experienced the high as well) it's not what it's made for. It can seriously harm you, if you take it the way you shouldn't. Even taking it the right way is not good. they are extremely addictive and tough to ween off of( I took them the prescribed way for a while. But I did some deep reading into the drug, but was scared off. So I began to purge myself of the drug. When I was weening off of them, the withdrawl was something else and one of the more difficult drug kicks I've had to go through(I'm not a junkie, but I have quit smoking, alcoholism, and I used to smoke an unhealthy amount of pot, but I smoke less of that now(assuming lots of people here agree with me that potsnot the worst thing)) On to depression, I'm diagnosed manic depressed, and I self prescribed (as you cant legally get it yet ) Marijuana, as I have seen numerous testimonies around the world that this plant can really help. and it has. when I feel my moods are shifting, I take a hit and I'm all right. I can also function in public very coherently and no one would ever suspect I'm high or has. But it's not for everyone, but if you ever get a hold of some, and have a time where you can just try it on your own to see if it works, I recommend (BUT I'M NOT A DR so keep that in mind)

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  • Ellymay

    I was Prescribed zopliclone 2 years ago. I was recovering from cancer and the drugs prescribed for that seriously affected my sleeping pattern. This was making me so tired and depressed.. Zopliclone was fantastic. I took it at bedtime and did not wake till 8 am. I take it infrequently now because I am sure it affects my mood. Next day I feel very low despite having slept well. I have had no problems coming off this drug. My sleep pattern is still disturbed though. Dont want to spend my life dependent on drugs though.

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  • zopobrill Guest


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  • linda83143l Guest

    I understand exactly what you felt. Zopiclone is an

    adictive drug and eventually you may have to increase the dose from 7.5mg upwards. If you buy zopiclone you must be sure that you receive the right drug. An expensive experience.

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  • deborah65617 Guest

    Yeah had v similar experience I really have bad insomnia falling asleep at 7am is messed up I have finally got some zops and am able to wake up like everyone else in the morning feeling human again. Doctors will only prescribe in extreme cases but you know this drug was the only thing that helped me with panic a few years back it helped me go out again when people say this is abusing the drug really do not understand what it is like to go through these things.

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  • gaynor27208 Guest

    I get what everyone is saying but, so what if they're addictive. If they work what's the worst thing about being addicted to them?. I really don't mind, if I can buy them then it's my problem. As for that being bad for my health, I honestly know there's nothing worse for my health than depression coupled with sleep deprivation. I just need a reputable supplier. Does anyone know of one?

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