Health Information by letter:D

DDH - Developmental Dysplasia of the HipDealing with a Baby who is Unresponsive
Dealing with a Child who is UnresponsiveDealing with a Heart Attack
Dealing with a NosebleedDealing with a Stroke
Dealing with an Adult who is UnresponsiveDealing with an Allergic Reaction
Dealing with BleedingDealing with Breathing Problems
Dealing with Eye InjuriesDealing with Fractures
Dealing with Head InjuriesDealing with Hyperglycaemia (High Blood Sugar)
Dealing with Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Sugar)Dealing with Insect Stings
Dealing with PoisoningDealing with Shock
Dealing with TantrumsDealing with the Effects of Cold
Dealing with the Effects of HeatDecongestants
Deep Vein ThrombosisDelaying a Period
DementiaDental Abscess
Dental Anxiety and Dental PhobiaDental Check-ups
Dental ImplantsDental Injuries
Dental Plaque and Gum DiseaseDentures
DepressionDepression - Postnatal
Depression - Self Help GuidesDepression and Low Mood - A Self Help Guide
Depression and MenDepression in Older Adults
Depression in Young People - Helping Children to CopeDermatitis - Contact
Dermatitis - PerioralDermatitis - Seborrhoeic
Dermatitis - Seborrhoeic (Babies)Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Desmopressin for BedwettingDetached Retina
Detoxification - AlcoholDetrusor Instability
Developmental Co-ordination DisorderDevelopmental Dysplasia of the Hip
DEXA ScanDiabetes - Advice when Unwell
Diabetes and AlcoholDiabetes and Emotional Eating
Diabetes and High Blood PressureDiabetes and Motivation
Diabetes and PregnancyDiabetes and Sex
Diabetes Depression, Distress and 'Burnout'Diabetes Healthy Eating Sheet
Diabetes InsipidusDiabetes Mellitus
Diabetes, Foot Care and Foot UlcersDiabetic Amyotrophy
Diabetic Kidney DiseaseDiabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic RetinopathyDiaphragms and Caps
Diet and Lifestyle During PregnancyDiet in Chronic Kidney Disease
Diet Sheet for Oesophageal RefluxDietary Advice for People with a New Stoma
Dietary PotassiumDietary Sodium
Dietary Tips for Vegetarians and VegansDiets for People with Low Potassium
Diets for People with Low SodiumDiets Suitable for People with Anaemia
Difficulty Swallowing (Dysphagia)Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Diphtheria Immunisation - DTP/Polio/HibDisability Living Allowance for Children
Disabled Road UsersDiscoid Eczema
Disease-modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs)Disibility Living Allowance for Adults
Dissociative Identity Disorder - An IntroductionDiverticula (including Diverticulosis, Diverticular Disease and Diverticulitis)
DizzinessDMSA Scan
Dog and Cat BitesDomestic Violence
Domestic Violence - A Self Help GuideDoppler Ultrasound
Down's SyndromeDrug Allergy
Dry EyesDry Mouth
DTaP/Polio/Hib ImmunisationDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Dukan DietDuodenal Ulcer
Duplex UltrasoundDupuytren's Contracture
DVT - Deep Vein ThrombosisDysentery and Shigella
DysmenorrhoeaDyspareunia (Pain Having Sex)
Dyspepsia (Indigestion)Dyspepsia in Pregnancy
Dyspnoea (Breathlessness)Dyspraxia (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)