Health Information by letter:L

Lactose IntoleranceLaparoscopy and Laparoscopic Surgery
Laryngeal (Throat) CancerLaryngitis
Laser Hair RemovalLasers in Plastic Surgery
LaxativesLazy Eye
Leg CrampsLeg Ulcers - Venous
Legionnaires' DiseaseLeptospirosis and Weil's Disease
Leukaemia - A General OverviewLeukaemia - Chronic Lymphocytic
Lewy Body DementiaLichen Planus
Lichen SclerosusLigament Injuries - Knee
Lip EnhancementLipoma
Liquid Nitrogen TreatmentListeria
Liver BiopsyLiver Cancer (Primary)
Liver CirrhosisLiver Disease (and Alcohol)
Liver Function TestsLiving with a Long-term Condition
Living with EpilepsyLocal Anaesthesia for your Eye Operation
Local Preparations for Anal DisordersLocalised Scleroderma (Morphoea)
Long Sight (Hypermetropia)Loop Diuretics
Loss and Grief in ChildrenLotions and Sprays for Head Lice
Low Back Pain - STarT Back Information LeafletLow Back Pain STarTback Screening Tool
Low Blood Sugar - First Aid LeafletLower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in WomenLow-fat Diet Sheet
Low-potassium DietLow-sodium Diet
LumbagoLumbar Puncture
LumpsLung Cancer
LupusLyme Disease
Lymphoma - Non-Hodgkin's