Health Information by letter:T

Talipes EquinovarusTarsal Cyst
Tear Duct Blockage in BabiesTED - Thyroid Eye Disease
Teeth StraighteningTeeth Whitening
TeethingTelogen Effluvium
Temperature (Fevers) in ChildrenTemporal Arteritis
Temporal Lobe LesionsTemporomandibular Joint Disorders
Tendinopathy and TenosynovitisTennis Elbow
Tennis Elbow ExercisesTENS Machines
Tension-type HeadacheTermination of Pregnancy
TestTestes - Undescended
Testicles - Get to Know YoursTesticular Cancer
Tests for Blood Sugar (Glucose) and HbA1cTests for Sexually Transmitted Infections
Tetanus ImmunisationThalassaemia
Thallium ScanThe Aggressive or Difficult Child
The Benefits of Stopping SmokingThe Coil - Intrauterine Contraceptive Device
The Ears, Hearing and BalanceThe Eyes and Vision
The Female Reproductive SystemThe Gut
The Heart and Blood VesselsThe Immune System
The Kidneys and Urinary TractThe Loner
The Lungs and Respiratory TractThe Male Reproductive System
The PancreasThe Pill
The Pituitary GlandThe Spleen
The Thyroid and Parathyroid GlandsThe Worried Child
Thiazide DiureticsThoracic Outlet Syndrome/Cervical Rib
ThreadwormsThroat - Sore
Throat CancerThromboangiitis Obliterans
Thrush - OralThrush - Oral in Babies
Thrush - VaginalThyroid Cancer
Thyroid Eye DiseaseThyroid Function Tests
Thyroid Scans and Uptake TestsThyroid Swelling - Goitre
TIATick-Borne Encephalitis Immunisation
Tics and TwitchesTinea Capitis
Tinea CorporisTinea Cruris - Fungal Groin Infection
Tinea PedisTinnitus
Tips for Dealing with Lactose IntoleranceTips To Help You Stop Smoking
Tiredness (Fatigue)Toddler's Diarrhoea
Toenails - Ingrown/IngrowingTonic-clonic Seizure - Dealing With
Tonic-clonic Seizures - EpilepsyTonsillectomy
TonsillitisTonsils and Adenoids
Tooth DecayToothache
Topical Anti-inflammatory PainkillersTopical Steroids (excluding Inhaled Steroids)
Topical Steroids for EczemaTopical Treatments For Acne
Torsion of the TestisTorticollis
Tourette's SyndromeToxic Erythema of the Newborn
ToxoplasmosisTransient Ischaemic Attack
Travel - Preventing DVTTravel Abroad Advice
Travel SicknessTravel Vaccinations
Traveller's DiarrhoeaTreating Your Infection (Public Health England)
Treatments for EpilepsyTreatments for Type 2 Diabetes
Tremor - EssentialTrichomonas
Tricyclic AntidepressantsTrigeminal Neuralgia
Trigger FingerTriptans
Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome)Trochanteric Bursitis
TuberculosisTummy Tuck
Turner SyndromeType 1 Diabetes
Type 2 DiabetesTyphoid and Paratyphoid Fever
Typhoid Immunisation