Game brings clinical trials to life

Clinical trials are research studies to determine whether drugs or treatments are both safe and effective for humans. According to the National Institute for Health Research, 90% of patients think that clinical research is important, yet in a recent consumer poll only 6% of those questioned said the public are well-informed about clinical research in the NHS.

In order to make the world of clinical trials more simple and approachable, the team at London (North West) CLRN (Comprehensive Local Research Network) based in Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, have created a 'Clinical Trials Simulator'.

The simulator, seen below, has been made in the style of an old computer game, to convey the jargon and the process of a clinical trial in a fun and accessible way. Users guide their on-screen character through the clinical trial; from initial recruitment to finding out if the new treatment they have been given - a pill to make humans fly - really works.

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