Substance Misuse

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This session focuses on substance misuse in teenagers and young people. It covers teenage alcoholism, binge drinking and drug taking as well as the treatment options available.

  • Substance misuse refers to taking a substance so often that it affects a young person's education, training or work and causes trouble with family, friends, romantic relationships, or with police.
  • Apart from cigarette smoking, the most common substances used by young people are alcohol and cannabis. By their mid-teens most young people have sampled alcohol.
  • Teenage binge drinking and teenagers and drugs can cause their own problems for a young person, but those who drink or use drugs may have other problems as well.
  • Assessment should examine: the substances used and modes of delivery, timelines and motivations.
  • Organisations often work together to address the complicated needs of young people including: housing, social services, NHS, education, youth offending services and charities.
  • Some young people are in crisis. If they are at risk of violence or another serious situation, then the police or children's services should be informed.

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Content provided by MindEd. Author: Paul McArdle. Published: March 2014. Review: March 2017.

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