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This session explains bladder and bowel problems such as bedwetting and incontinence in children and young people. It covers wetting in school in children and highlights the impact continence problems can have on both the child and family as well as wider community.

  • The management of bedwetting includes the use of medication and enuresis alarms.
  • The management of daytime wetting includes assessments, bladder training programmes and medication.
  • The principles of support, which improve longer term outcomes, include information, privacy, non-judgemental behavioural practice and rewards for achievement.
  • The multi-disciplinary team is needed for more complicated cases or where maltreatment is suspected.

Access the full MindEd session here.
Content provided by MindEd. Author: June Rogers and Penny Dobson. Published: March 2014. Review: March 2017.

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