Aloclair Mouth Ulcer Gel 8ml

Aloclair has a unique non stinging, soothing action which relieves the pain of mouth ulcers within minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours. Aloclair works by forming an invisible barrier over the ulcer which covers up and protects the exposed nerve endings. (The barrier can't be felt once it is applied.) What are mouth ulcers? Mouth ulcers are painful and inconveniencing lesions in the mouth. They are fairly common with evidence suggesting 75% of the population will suffer from mouth ulcers at some stage in their life. Mouth ulcers are small cuts or lesions. The top layer of the skin inside the mouth is removed to reveal the sensitive nerve endings. The exposure of the nerves is what makes mouth ulcers so painful. Mouth ulcers are made worse by food and bacteria which can infect the sore and increase the size and duration of the mouth ulcer. Aloclair stops this from happening by forming a strong and protective barrier over the ulcer. Non stinging Fast acting Long lasting

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