BIOAPP Natural Supplement to feel fuller for longer

BIOAPP contains StatiMax, a unique formulation that includes a number of well-renowned ingredients to help manage your appetite, so that you feel fuller for longer. This supplement is suitable for men and women of all ages. Powerful ingredients to help you feel fuller id-AIG, a seaweed-based ingredient works in two ways, firstly to inhibit the digestive enzymes from breaking down food, and secondly to increase the body's metabolic rate, so it can burn calories stored in the body more quickly. Kelp works by stimulating sensors in the stomach, which sends a message to the brain saying that the stomach is full, which in turn encourages you to consume less food. Glucomannan absorbs up to 200 times of its own weight in water, providing a natural fuller sensation, again to encourage the body to feel fuller quicker. How do BIOAPP works? BIOAPP helps you feel fuller for longer and helps you retrain your eating habits so that you get used to eating less food. Over a period of time, this will encourage your stomach size to contract, meaning it will require less food to make you feel full. By consuming less food, you will consume fewer calories!

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