Bioconcepts Vitamin E 400iu

Bioconcepts Vitamin E 400iu is packed full of essentials that maintain your skin's health, improve hair and nail condition, as well as providing your body with a vital antioxidants. What is Vitamin E? Vitamin E is a group of eight fat-soluble compounds, separated into four tocopherol types and four tocotrienol types. Tocopherols are the most studied collection and referred to as alpha, beta, gamma and delta types. Alpha-tocopherol is thought to be the most bio-available to the body. Alpha-tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant and neutralises potentially cell-damaging free-radicals within the body associated with ageing & degeneration. Vitamin E is not made by the body so must be obtained by diet or supplementation. Why take Vitamin E400iu? Vitamin E has the antioxidant capabilities to help reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals within the body that can lead to skin's premature ageing (for instance, from over exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays or smoking) and can help improve circulation to the scalp, thus helping keep hair follicles healthy and hair looking in an improved condition. Take Vitamin E400iu if you want to: Help improve skin's health Help improve nail health Help improve hair's condition

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