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Health Aid SleepAid tablets are formulated from a combination of natural herbal extracts such as Hops, Valerian, and Passionflower. These potent herbs are commonly used to help relieve insomnia and calm the nervous system. SleepAid Tablets help promote a refreshing natural night's sleep without feeling sleepy the next day. Natural ingredients promote calming sleep It is developed with Hops that have naturally occurring sedative properties, and Valerian, which has been used for thousands of years to promote sleep and heal nervous disorders. The combination of these herbs makes a powerful supplement that can help to relax, sleep more soundly, and alleviate conditions such as anxiety and nervous tension. Benefits of SleepAid tablets Helps relax nerves and muscles for a peaceful sleep Calms the nervous system Combats stress and fatigue Alleviates sleep disturbance Who can use SleepAid tablets? SleepAid tablets are beneficial for: Those who suffer from insomnia Those who have difficulty falling asleep despite being tired Those who suffer from hypertension and anxiety Those who have difficulty concentrating during the day Those who are experiencing stress and tension

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