HealthAid Pycnogenol 30mg Tablet

HealthAid Pycnogenol Tablets contain a natural plant product, Pycnogenol that is made from the bark of the European coastal pine, Pinus Maritima. It is the most powerful antioxidant and acts as a protector against environmental factors, therefore helping to keep everyday illnesses and infections at bay. Every day our bodies are faced with stress, environmental pollution and other factors that may destroy our antioxidants and leave the body more susceptible to infection and ill-health. Pycnogenol Tablets therefore prevent this oxidative damage to our cells, while its anti-inflammatory properties help to relief pain. It also helps to improve skin conditions and symptoms of itching, relieves allergies, improves blood circulation, reduces prostate inflammation and strengthens veins and vessels. Pycnogenol Tablets are therefore most beneficial to those who wish to cleanse and detox the body and support their immune systems and people who suffer from allergies, painful and inflamed joints and people who are exposed to polluted environments.

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