HealthAid Sibergin 2500 (Siberian Ginseng 2500mg) 30 Caps(tube)

One of the most popular uses for Siberian ginseng is to help improve memory, it may also help alleviate some of the energy problems associated through stress and fatigue. Siberian ginseng; is the type of herb that contains special stress-fighting hormones; it provides assistance to the adrenal glands which secrete the natural form of the hormone thats inherent to the body. As a result, the bodys ability to handle physical stress is fortified, helping to protect it from extreme exertion. Among the female population, the herb may help to avert infertility by providing healthy uterine function, as well as easing menstrual cramps and helping to reduce the effects of menopause. Siberian ginseng may also be a way to decrease symptoms from colds and flu by helping to boost the immune system. Sibergin®2500 unique formula provides caffeine-free energy, it is very useful for increasing mental and physical performance. - Powerful adaptogen to help promote; - stamina and endurance; - High strength Siberian Ginseng extract; - Combats fatigue and promotes wellbeing.

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