HealthAid Zimacal Effervescent Tablets

HealthAid Zimacal Effervescent Tablets are specially formulated with calcium, magnesium and zinc. These are 3 of the most important minerals that our body needs to maintain optimum health, especially bone health and cell division and growth. With added Vitamin D and K, HealthAid Zimacal provides quick absorption of these minerals to support and strengthen bones and teeth. These great tasting citrus tablets are great for healthy development and maintenance of bone health and can also help to maintain a healthy heartbeat and circulation, as well as muscle contraction and relaxation. They are ideal for people who wish to maintain strong bones and teeth, athletes who may experience repeat bone injuries, elderly people who may have poor bone health, women going through the pre or post-menopausal period and those who are on restricted or imbalanced diets with insufficient mineral intake.

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