High 5 Protein Recovery Ban Vanilla Box 660g 660g

Strenuous exercise initially weakens your body; depleting carbohydrate stores and damaging muscle and connective tissue. During recovery, the body is re-fuelled and the damage to muscle and connective tissue is repaired. If recovery is effective, the body is able to make itself a little stronger in anticipation of another bout of exercise. Small daily improvements in strength and endurance add up to major gains over weeks and months. It is important to realise that improvements in strength & endurance are triggered by exercise, but are made during recovery. To maximise fitness gains, exercise intensity must be in balance with recovery. The body recovers at the greatest rate within the first two hours of exercise finishing, but only if you provide it with the nutrients (building blocks) it needs immediately post exercise. Protein Recovery is a high carbohydrate and whey protein (24%) drink mix with added L-Glutamine. It is specifically designed to maximise recovery after hard exercise. It contains the highest quality bio-available whey protein to help build a lean physique; rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to re-fuel tired muscle; and Glutamine for cell growth, cell repair and the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Available in mix with milk or mix with water flavours, Protein Recovery taste great and is easy to consume, even immediately after hard exercise, when the appetite is often suppressed. Features: -Specifically formulated to maximise recovery after hard exercise.- Rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to re-energise tired muscles.- High bio-available whey protein to help build lean muscle <li> L-Glutamine for cell growth, cell repair and support of a healthy immune system <li> Great taste for immediately after exercise when the appetite's suppressed.- Dissolves quickly without a blender.- Gentle on the stomach and quickly metabolised.- Suitable for vegetarians.- GMO free.- Nut free.

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