Higher Nature Advanced Nutrition Complex 30 tabs

This high potency multi-vitamin and mineral formula offers all the key nutrients in their optimum form for better absorption and assimilation For example, pyridoxal-5-phosphate for Vitamin B6, and citrate minerals Also includes trace minerals, such as Molybdenum, Manganese and Chromium, as well as Choline and Inositol, not normally found in other multis Manganese helps maintain strong bones, helps scavenge free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules, which if left unchecked can severely damage cells) and is important for brain function and nerve impulse progression Antioxidant Molybdenum helps protect cells from ageing, and supports normal cell function and growth Chromium supports normal sugar metabolism and forms part of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) Antioxidant Selenium is needed to make the bodys own antioxidant enzyme, glutathione peroxidase It also helps maintain healthy cardiovascular, immune, and reproductive function, as well as healthy hair and nails, thyroid and brain function Iron is essential for building healthy red blood cells, for energy and healthy immune function Zinc is important for healthy skin, bones, reproductive function, mental performance and immune system Copper contributes to cholesterol and glucose metabolism Calcium and Magnesium are needed for the structure of healthy bones and teeth, energy metabolism, normal blood clotting and blood pressure, and nerve and muscle function Choline is essential for normal brain and nervous system function It helps maintain healthy liver function and support cardiovascular health and body metabolism Inositol contributes to mental performance and concentration, and is important for nervous system function Iodine helps maintain healthy thyroid function B Vitamins, C and Manganese are important for transforming food into energy, for mental function and healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and nails Vitamin B5 is required for normal adrenal function and with B6, supports healthy hormone balance Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic acid help maintain normal blood homocysteine levels, which may maintain a healthy heart and circulation Vitamins B2 and B6 help contribute to normal red blood cell structure and maintenance of normal iron levels Vitamin B1 is necessary for normal heart function Folic acid helps keep blood vessels healthy and maintain normal blood pressure by supporting blood vessel elasticity Vitamin B3 may help to maintain blood lipid levels Vitamin B2 contributes to normal eye structure and Folic acid helps protects the lens of the eye Antioxidant Vitamin C is important for healthy skin, heart, blood vessels, bones, teeth, gums, eyes, nervous system and cartilage, and contributes to collagen formation Vitamin K is essential for normal blood clotting and for building and maintaining strong bones Vitamin D is vitally important for Calcium absorption, for strong, healthy bones, for building strong muscles and for helping maintain a healthy immune system Antioxidant Vitamin E helps maintain healthy heart and arteries Vitamin A is important for normal vision, immune system function, and healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and nails As an antioxidant, it helps protect against free-radical-induced muscle damage and is necessary for maintaining energy Available in easy-to-swallow tablets Contains Vitamin A Do not take if pregnant or planning pregnancy

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