Medi-Test Combi 5N

Medi-Test Combi 5N, Screening test for detection of diabetes and diseases in the region of the kidneys and urinary tract.Cost-effective - least expensive on RX Portable Convenient point-of-care testing Fit-for-purpose Allows accurate risk-assessment Rapid results in 30 seconds Results stable for 60 seconds Large test pads Long shelf life Sensitivity down to 1mmol/lThe test is also suitable for use in:In preventive diagnosis (screening)For monitoring progress or relapse during therapyFor self monitoring by patient.These urine test strips are exclusively for detecting pathological changes in human urine. Frequently asked questionsThere are so many brands of urine diagnostic strips on the market, how can I be sure that Medi-Test will best suit my needs?Medi-Test has been used by the NHS and many private organisations nationwide for well over 10 years. Medi-Test strips have been MDA evaluated and are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards so that you can have confidence they will provide accurate results every time.Can Medi-Test be read with an analyser?Yes, Medi-Test Combi-8 and Medi-Test Combi 10SGL varieties are specifically designed to be read with the Uryxxon Relax meter available from BHR. It is compact and user friendly with a touch screen interface. It is highly accurate and provides a print out of all results for record keeping purposes. It is ideal for healthcare professionals who have difficulty assessing urine strips by eye as well as departments wishing to reduce costs and time associated with sending samples away for analysis. Please call us for details.Why Should I Test For Glucose With Medi-Test Glucose?For persons with diabetes, the presence of glucose in the urine can be an indication that your diabetes may be out of control. The Medi-Test Glucose test will alert you and your Doctor to changes in your condition for which adjustments in your diet and/or medication may be needed. The Medi-Test Glucose test is the most sensitive test on the market allowing better control of glucose levels in diabetics. The Medi-Test Glucose test is sensitive down to 1.1mmol/l which is 5x more sensitive than a competitor.What is the average shelf life of Medi-Test?Medi-Test strips have a very long shelf-life even after opening the tubes, typically 16 months if the tube is closed after use. Some competitor strips have to be disposed of within 6 months or so after opening.Will high ascorbic acid levels affect the results?Due to the high resistance towards interferences by ascorbic acid, a second testing for sensitive parameters such as blood or glucose is unnecessary in most cases.

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