Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum 100ml

Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum - A revolutionaryserum that gives new hope to women who want to increase the size and firmness of their breasts without the need for surgery. Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum contains 5% Cell-Active - FORM, a constituent made up of 3 key ingredients - Mangosteen, Quince-hydrogel and the Essential Cell Boost-Factor, all of which work synergistically together to help to produce the result of a surgical breast enlargement without invasive surgery. For many women, a cleavage is a symbol of sexuality and youth. Cleavage almost always accompanies a beautiful bust. But many women nowadays are unhappy with the size of their breasts, shape and the lack of a visible 'attractive' cleavage. They may feel they are 'too small' or lacking in firmness, and may be considering a breast enlargement. Both breast and cleavage skin requires special care as this area of skin is thinner and therefore more prone to the effects of damaging sun rays, causing wrinkles. As with age and pregnancy comes the slackening of the skins connective tissue surrounding the breast area, so the breast loses shape. The breast does not consist of muscle, so relies on the strength of the skin and connective tissue for support. Because of this, it seems plastic surgery has seen a surge in the quantity of breast enlargement surgeries in recent years. Though it would seem, if women had the option to obtain such a bust without surgery, they would try it. This is where Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum can help. The continual daily use of this serum can help produce the results of a breast enlargement with the cleavage you crave. Benefits of Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum: Volume-Effect - Added breast volume accentuates femininity and lends fullness to the cleavage. Firming-Effect - Improved skin elasticity in the cleavage area firms the breast and smoothes its surface. Cell-Active - FORM plumps and supports lipid deposits The bust line is reshaped and sculpted Significant results achieved naturally and without invasive surgery Contains highly effective natural ingredients Activation of lipid accumulation - Lipogenesis in human adipocytes (fat cells). Actives are derived from fruits with high nutritional and anti-oxidant value Active ingredient is backed by clinical trials with significant results Free of synthetic colorant Free from Parabens No ingredients of animal origin What is Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum? The Bust Cream is fortified with the key ingredient, CellActive - FORM which may help to significantly plump and support the lipid deposits as well as reshaping and sculpting the bust. CellActive - FORM, is a plant-based complex of active ingredients supporting the natural process of lipid deposition lending fullness to the bust. The complex of active ingredients has been developed and tested specifically for application to the breast and cleavage area. Its active principle is based on the synergistic action of its ingredients; Mangosteen, Quince-hydrogel and the Essential Cell Boost-Factor. It re-shapes the contours of the cleavage area and optimally accentuates the feminine features. How does Regener8 Breast Enhancing Serum work? The breast consists largely of fatty- and connective tissue. Stimulating the formation and storage of additional fat reserves enlarges the volume of the breast. Extracts of the Mangosteen fruit have being used within Regner8 Breast Enhancing Serum to enhance the naturally provided capacity of lipid storage. In addition, the breast and cleavage skin assumes a support function which keeps the breast "in shape". Quince-hydrogel - with its film-forming and holding properties - supports the "supporting" function of this skin area by enhancing skin elasticity. Is it right for me? If you have longed for larger breasts but do not want to go down the surgical route, or if the skin surrounding your breast has lost its elasticity and firmness through sun damage, ageing, pregnancy or breastfeeding, then Regener8 Br

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