Regener8 Skin Regenerator & Bio Oil 200ml Pack

Regener8 Skin Regenerator is a natural skin care repair supplement that contains an absorbable form of hydrolysed collagen 'Peptan' (a beef collagen-based ingredient), minerals, and the classic magic healer: Aloe Vera with the addition of Vitamins: A, C & E and botanicals Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary & Chamomile, to help promote skin repair. Increase the level of collagen This collagen-enriched formula helps to restore levels of collagen within your body that depletes with age, thereby helping improve skin smoothness, suppleness, moisture levels, elasticity. This contributes to the visible reduction in the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Benefits of Regener8 Skin Regenerator Promote healthy skin Increase skin elasticity & flexibility Repair damaged skin cells Faster resolution of wounds, scars, stretch marks & burns Active ingredients for natural skin repair Peptan: Promotes younger looking skin, improves skin moisture levels, improves skin smoothness, prevents formation of deep-wrinkles & improves skin suppleness Seaweed: Packed with vitamins & minerals that help repair damaged skin cells Zinc: Aids in collagen production, decreases free radical activity, helps prevent the growth of bacteria, and reduces inflammation MSM: Assists with the formation of keratin, collagen and elastin--compounds essential to skin health and flexibility Aloe Vera: Enables faster resolution of wounds & burns Vitamin A: Enhances cellular growth and promotes healthy skin cell development Vitamin C: An essential component of collagen and helps maintain skin's elasticity and flexibility Vitamin E: Enhances collagen production, increases skin elasticity, and reduces scar or stretch mark visibility Calendula: Its antiseptic properties promote skin healing Lavender: Its antiseptic properties attack bacteria causing skin infections Rosemary: Tones and firm skin Chamomile: May help calm the soreness and irritation associated with skin infections

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