Tampax Compak Freshness Regular Tampons

Tampax Compak Freshness Regular is easy and comfortable to insert with their smooth plastic applicator and rounded tip. They are also easy to carry with their unique discreet compact applicator. Providing effective protection, as the tampon gently expands to comfortably fit the shape of your body. The new Tampax Compak has a protective 'skirt'. The 'skirt' is an extension of the outer layer covering the tampon, offering you extra protection when you need it the most. We recommend Tampax Compak Regular Tampons for your medium to heavy flow days as they have an absorbency of 6 - 9g. If you experience discomfort during removal because the tampon is partially dry, consider moving to the next lower absorbency. On lighter flow days change the tampon absorbency. Always use the lowest absorbency for you flow. The absorbent material is cotton rayon mix. If you experience leaks, then change the tampon more regularly. By using Tampax tampons with different levels of absorbency, you will get the best combination of protection and comfort throughout your period. Remember - it's important not to wear your tampon for more than 4-8 hours.

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