Tepe Interdental Gel

TePe Interdental Gel helps effectively clean the areas between your teeth where plaque and cavities can easily form. It works by adding fluoride to each area and preventing caries. The fluoride it contains also works to heal pain caused by sensitive teeth. Minty flavour for fresh breath Tepe Interdental Gel is made with a fresh, minty flavour. It is free from abrasives and gives the areas between each tooth gentle cleansing. How to use TePe Interdental Gel TePe Interdental Gel should be used along with TePe Interdental Brushes. The gel is contained in a small, easy-to-apply bottle which drips the fluoride gel along the filaments of your teeth. For an alternative method of application, use the cap as a bowl and dip the interdental brush in the gel and then apply. Start first from the back of the mouth, where the risk of cavities is higher, and apply more gel there. Work your way to the front. This gel should be applied after brushing your teeth. Do not rinse your mouth after use.

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