5 strange sports we all wish were in the Olympics

Imagine this scene now; in under a week when the Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony begins, we'll see the awe-inspiring athletes who have trained meticulously for years, carrying their hopes of claiming Gold, stepping out to rapturous applause. Then can you imagine a Harry Potter look-alike running out with his broom (Nimbus 2000...of course) ready to take on the French Quidditch team?

Now although London 2012's opening ceremony did involve an inflatable Voldemort, it was lacking Quidditch, which since 2005 has been acknowledged as a real sport (minus the flying aspect!) - it even holds global tournaments. But wouldn't it be spectacular if this year's Olympics did include some less "conventional" games?

1. Quidditch

As I already highlighted the once-fictional game of Quidditch, which lived inside the Harry Potter books, is now an official sport. It is a full-contact sport that allows men and women to play alongside each other. Each player runs around the pitch mounted on broomsticks which they must hold with one hand. The rules are similar to the fictional Quidditch game, except that players stay firmly on the ground. In the game, you will find quaffles, bludgers and a snitch. But the snitch is not a ball, but a person who runs around the whole stadium or area trying not to get caught.

(video source: The Washington Post)

2. Unicycle football

Football using your legs? That sounds far too uncivilised. Playing on a unicycle, however? Well, that just sounds like a lot of fun and, luckily for you, it's real. Now this is actually based on American football, and it goes by all the same rules with only one exception; you guessed it - unicycles. Personally, this would be a sight I would love to see at the Velodrome.

(video source: BirdsiviewVideos)

3. Dog surfing

Now, I don't know about you, but if there was dog surfing at the Olympics it would be the only thingI I would watch. I don't care about how fast Usain Bolt can run; I care if Terry the British bulldog can get us Brits a gold medal on his surfboard. And don't worry, their owners are always close by.

(video source: ODN)

4. Chess boxing

The Olympics is home to the world's best athletes, but why not add in some critical thinking to spice it up a bit. Well, that is exactly what chess boxing does. It is a hybrid fighting sport, which combines chess and boxing . The game alternates between the chess board and the boxing ring. In each part of the game you need to outwit your opponent, whether that's with a perfectly-timed jab or a cleverly thought-out move. You could be bad at boxing but still win if you're great at chess. You lose if you get knocked out or check-mated.

(video source: Journeyman Pictures)

5. Cheese rolling

The infamous cheese rolling of Gloucestershire! The Olympics may attract sports enthusiasts but if cheese rolling was added to the fixtures the food-lovers would flock in their dozens too. If you don't know what cheese rolling is, it's quite simple. A crowd of people stand at the top of a hill, then a large round of cheese - often Double Gloucester - is flung down the hill. The competitors must then race down the hill, the first to pass the finish line wins the cheese. Only, if it was in the Olympics they would win a medal AND some cheese. What more could a person want in life?

(video source: SoGlos)

Which wacky sport do you wish was in the Olympics? Comment below or tweet us @patient with your answer.


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