A Formula for Fitness Success

A Formula for Fitness Success

Confused by all the noise on how to best work out? Don't fall for the myth that says you have to exercise hours on end to get results. Simple changes make a world of a difference. All you need is the formula.

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“Never give up! Never, never, never.” - Winston Churchill

In my weekly Fit to Be Tried column, my objective is to focus on one exercise or routine. Then, I provide the technique for correctly performing it. Today I want to give you a different slant on things.

I started thinking about the emails I receive every day and what represents the major theme of each. The most common questions are:

- "How do I start a fitness programme?"
- "How do I lose 10 Pounds?"
- "How Do I Lose 50 Pounds?"
- "How do I gain some muscle without living in the gym?"

The list goes on and on, but the questions being asked have the same theme.

You're looking for a formula. The truth is, a tremendous amount of confusion exists in the world of health and fitness. Most people simply don’t know where to start or what formula to use. The beauty of all this is, the formula for success never really changes. Certain parameters may be tailored a bit based on your goals, but the formula remains the same!

So, why do we never see the formula in a simple format? Today, I present to you the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. This formula, properly applied, will help you lose a few inches on your waist, gain some lean muscle for everyday activities and increase your energy so you can really enjoy playing with your kids or grandchildren.

NUTRITION - When we see our co-workers and friends every day, we ask one another the same non-offensive question, "How are you?" Imagine if we asked, "What is the last thing you ate?" How many of us would hesitate with our answer? A little food for thought.

From a physiological standpoint, it takes 3,500 calories to burn one pound. eFitness recommends that you lose that pound through a combination of decreasing caloric intake to a healthy level and expending calories through physical activity.

For example, let's say you currently take in 2,000 calories a day. If you decreased that by 300 (one slice of pizza) and added 200 calories worth of exercise a day (20 minute walk), you would be at a 500 calorie deficit. At that rate, you would burn one pound a week. So, eating 300 less calories a day and expending 200 calories a day through activity will result in a net of one pound lost per week. This can be accomplished by eating foods you enjoy! So, now you have the formula for nutrition. Let’s move forward!

WEIGHT TRAINING - As a beginner, work out 3 days per week on alternate days for about 30 minutes. Focus on form and technique. Perform exercises for the entire body - doing about 2-3 sets per body part for 10-12 repetitions. Muscle is your friend! For every pound of muscle, the body burns an additional 50-90 calories per day!

In addition, your body will feel tighter within 3–4 weeks. Weights are the hammer and chisel you need to sculpt the type of physique you desire. Realise that you don't have to work out with weights for two hours a day. A little goes a long way! Below is a list of recommended exercises you can choose from for each body part: Legs - squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg curl, calf raise Chest - bench press, vertical chest/pec dec, decline press, dumbbell fly, push ups Back - pull downs, pull ups, seated row, one arm dumbbell row, pullovers Shoulders - overhead press, lateral raise, front raise, shrugs, reverse fly Biceps - hammer curls, dumbbell curls, straight bar curls, concentrated curls Triceps - kickbacks, press downs, dips, overhead extensions Lower Back - extensions, Supermans Abs - basic crunch, reverse crunch, knee ups, alternate elbows to knees

CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE - Perform cardio 3 days per week for 20 minutes. Try to stay in a range of 55-65 percent of your Maximum Heart Rate. In addition, change your mode of cardio every two weeks. The body is designed to adapt, so you want to change your workout frequently. Cardiovascular exercise will help speed your metabolism. It works like magic when combined with weight training. Try different forms of cardio (power walking, jogging and cycling). Find an activity that you enjoy!

SLIGHT LIFESTYLE CHANGE - Begin to think along the lines of "slight lifestyle change." When your lifestyle changes slightly, all other aspects will fall into place.

Start thinking in terms of improving your health, energy, nutrition and exercise habits. Don't be intimidated by all of this! Recognise that this philosophy will take some time to evolve within you. However, if you really want it, it is yours for the taking.

Each day, you have the ability to take a step closer to fat loss and improved health. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 50. Once you have this "slight lifestyle change" philosophy, it all gets a lot easier. Unless you are absolutely motivated, drastic changes usually result in failure.

GOALS - Great things begin to happen internally when we see our goals on paper. Write them down! Make them measurable and realistic. For example, a short-term goal might be, "My goal is to lose one pound per week for the next 4 weeks." A long-term goal might be "I will lose 2 stones by summer." I recommend reviewing your goals each week to reinforce them within yourself. By the same token, if you experience a setback or standstill with your goal, don't panic! Simply realise that some parameters may need to be adjusted in your nutrition or exercise plan.

It’s not really that difficult, is it? You can accomplish great things working out only 50 minutes to one hour 3 days per week! The key is eating the foods you enjoy, having an enjoyable exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle and remaining consistent most of the time.

How about a programme that has the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS already built in? This is where eFitness can help! We provide customised nutrition programmes, exercise plans with 3-D exercise demo animations and support. It also gives you the luxury of continuous personal training at a fraction of the cost of hiring a trainer at a health club. Let us do the work for you!

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