How to get fit as a couple!

At the start of a relationship we are eager to impress. We don our finest clothing and pretend we have never once passed wind. But the more in love and comfortable we become, the less we care about any of that. A date night turns to a watch TV night and before too long your romantic gesture turns into you buying some deodorant for your loved one. Quite often most of us will put on a few pounds whilst in a relationship. But that doesn't need to be the case - instead, get fitter together!

Exercise date night

Heat up your date night, and finally get your blood pumping again by making an exercise date night every week. Try going for a 30-minute or hour’s run together through your local area. 

If being in the cold night air doesn’t appeal to your romantic side, try moving your date night to the gym. Pick a day of the week when you are both free, get a bottle of water and go get a workout on the machines. Take it in turns giving each other challenges ̶ for example, one person has to do five minutes on the rowing machine whilst the other has to do five minutes on the treadmill.

It's all in good fun, and will keep you fit together.

Learn from a YouTube master

They say that two is better than one. Well, why not add a third person? Not normally good for a relationship, but if the person is a fitness guru on YouTube it might just work out. Each week look up a random fitness tutorial on YouTube. There are thousands to choose from so you can find something you both enjoy. Then link it up to your TV or on your laptop and do the tutorial together. Just make sure you have enough space. You don’t want your relationship to break up because you hit your partner in the face when doing a jumping jack!

Step your way to a more fulfilling life

When I say more fulfilling life, I don’t mean that you will miraculously reach enlightenment. You both could get a pedometer and try some free apps which monitor how many steps you take in a day. Then whoever walks the most steps that day gets a prize at the end - whether that's a 10-minute foot rub or a day of cups of teas being made for you. Really the prize is up to you - whatever will make your life more fulfilled. 

It takes two to tennis!

This is the best exercise to release your stress on, even if that means that there's risk of a tennis ball hitting your loved one’s head. Both of you go out to your local park or gym and book out a tennis court. Then face each other one-to-one and start playing tennis, grunting loudly here is permitted!). Although it's a good idea to leave all the anger on the court and don’t take it home with you.

You can even try double-dating, by bringing along another couple to play tennis against. You can lose weight and beat your friends as a team. You might find that a couple that wins together stays together!


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